Monday, December 10, 2007

Brain is in Play Mode

So my brain is definitly in play mode even though I have one more paper and a final to take LOL

AH! I can't believe I'm almost done!!! :-) So exciting!!!! I just can't wait to CHILL for a change!!!

So a few I didn't get the job at Enterprise *sigh* but it's all good. Everything is in God's hands :-)
Still job hunting......

yeah not much to my life right now LOL this is a boring post I know but in procrastinating in studying for my exam I YouTubed (ha is that a verb now?? it totally should be) and I watched this video that I have seen several times before but it still makes me laugh...

so a video for your viewing pleasure :-)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Let There Be Great Rejoicing



and then i am DONE! no more classes...


for the rest of my life!!!

School is almost over for me!!!!!!!

Let there be dancing in the streets! Banners flown high!!! Old men singing loudly throughout the town! Children laughing and smiling!!!!!!

THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ha...not to sound to cliche...but it just fits ya know??)

oh yes....just four more papers and two finals to go! (EEK! i need to get on that :-\ )

Friday, November 30, 2007

A week in review...

Oh gees...I've missed blogging!!! I've been SOOOOOOOO busy this past week!!!! Ok so recap:

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! :-) Mine was pretty chilled although not much of a break.

-Drove all the way home
-eye doctor's appointment - contact lenses yay!!! took me about twenty min to get them in then they tell me to take them out to put them back in WHAT?!?!?! lol
-got see Josh - wow I have MISSED him!!!!! We watched Shrek 3 and laughed our butts off! LOL omg seriously funny movie

-Drove to the gma's for Thanksgiving with the entire ride over there my dad and I talking about politics and how he's just baffled on how Josh and I can be such close friends but no romantic's ok dad we can't explain it either so QUIT ASKING!!!!
-Ate...alot...took a blessed three hour nap afterwards!! yay!!
-Drove BACK to Tally! Got home at about 1am...bed by 2am

-Work from 6am-2:30pm at Michaels - OH...MY...GOSH
-Didn't think I was really tired so I just decided to have a short hour cat nap when I got home....yeah so 3 1/2 hours later I woke up feeling like I had been drugged lol

Worked....again...believe it or not I think it was busier on Saturday than Friday :-\ 9am - 3pm shift

church....yayness :-)

School, work, then stayed up until 4am for the big presentation on tuesday!

-woke up at 7am after going to sleep only 3 hours before hand....finished up on my presenation
gave my presentation in which the professor WALKED OUT ON (yeah long story but he doesn't agree with my presentation although it's extremely well documented and true and plenty of other people agree....what happened to a true education???? not INDOCTRINATION!!!!) so yeah he was RUDE beyond all reason...not to mention he interrupted my presentation rudely asking if i was almost done even though HE NEVER SET A TIME LIMIT....duh...oh yeah he got a very nice evaluation from me tired
-Stayed up until 5:30am working on my Culture Jamming project that was due on Wednesday

-woke up LATE at 10 min till nine and my class is at 9:30...terrific...not to mention I had to pick up pictures from Walgreens for my project and I went to the WRONG ONE and had to go back to the other one GRRRRRR
-thirty minutes late for class but got my project on time!
-Skipped my last class and came home and SLEPT for 5 hours....blessed sleep!
-Church again :-)

Thursday to evaluate the rude instructor even though he tried to rush us through our evaluations (yeah not cool) but I stil managed to write him a nice essay that he gets to read not to mention his supervisors ha! ha!
-worked tired
-came home and tried to read for my paper due on Monday....yeah hard to read when you're falling asleep

-Got the second interview for Enterprise in Pcola today!!!! WOOOOOO!!!
So I'm getting ready right now for it then I'm hitting the road!
-Oh and I get to see Josh for awhile tonight!!! Gonna watch Spiderman 3, grab some Wendys $1 menu items (bless them for that!) and then go around town at 10pm with about 10 other groups to post signs for RON PAUL!!!!!!
-WOOOOOOOOOOOO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone register Republican to vote for Ron Paul in your primaries!!!!!! Google Ron Paul!!!
ok that was my campaigning for now lol

So yeah now I'm all updated...yayness :-) oooo and TWO WEEKS BEFORE GRADUATION!!! praise the Lord! lol SO ready for this to be over!!!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Holidays to those of other religious beliefs and what not :-)

Awesome now that I'm all
politically correct now I can sign off :-)

Monday, November 19, 2007

an ecletic post of randomness

So yeah...this post is gonna be full of random stuff lol not much to talk about but I thought I would blog anyway

So 26 days until graduation! EEK!!!!! I totally can't wait! Literally ALL I have left now is to work on my four massive projects and then two final exams the week before I graduate and then

that's it!

I'm done!




I can't just don't understand LOL

So graduation means job hunting so I can survive in the "real world" *cue dramatic music* So I've been praying about it... can I just say...i don't know how people live life without Jesus Christ as their #1!! I mean it is SO comforting to know that I can place my future in the hands of someone who has it ALL figured out and has my best interests in mind and loves me like woah. HELLOOOO!!!!! It's a peace that is just indescribable!! Saves me SO much worrying (not to mention wrinkles!! haha)

With that said I have my 2nd interview with Enterprise (yes the rent-a-car place lol) on the 30th of November!! It's a three interview process (whew!) so I'm PRAYING that it goes well!! This looks like an AMAZING job! It's for management training program eventually leading into management (duh lol) and I can live where I want and keep my own pace in regards to promotion! Not to mention starting off at 30k a year! Not bad for just graduating! Especially since most of my fellow classmates have NO clue what they're going after graduating! I just praise the Lord for opening up doors for me and just pouring out his blessings on my life!

Um...let's see what else...OH! For one of my massive projects I actually get to make a scrapbook album!!! Yes you heard right...I get to SCRAP for a GRADE!!! LOL I love this hobby! It's for a culture jamming project (LOVE culture jamming!!!!! just google it to find out about the awesomeness of it!) so I'm critiquing how the news media does a PATHETIC job on reporting about politics. So I'm making a scrapbook album to show certain events in history concerning this topic....get it??? I'll post pics when I'm done with it :-)

EEK! it's due next wednesday PLUS another MASSIVE presentation due the Tuesday before...then a term paper due the Tuesday of the following week......AHH! what am I doing blogging?!!??!?!!! LOL So off to work on these lovely little projects. The good thing about most of them is at least I get to be creative *big cheesy grin* Oh how I love being creative!!!!!

Future graduate signing off ;-)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today is one of those days I absolutely DESPISE being a woman. Why???


Today I've just been a big basket of depressing emotions. It's actually hard to explain, but if you're a woman then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. In class this morning I was fighting back tears because I'm upset about being upset!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really is.

Although I have to blame myself in a way. The past few days I've seriously been lacking on reading my bible and I know that my days go WAYYYY better when I spend time with God first....and I haven't been spending time with him at all :-(

I was lazy this morning and didn't wake up to read my Bible for an hour like I try to do so I just got in my one Proverbs for today....and it was really this feeling of missing God I really just miss being in His presence. It's the same feeling of not talking to your best friend for a few just miss them. You long to talk to them. You want to spend time with them.

Well...I do have about an hour before I go to class again so I think I'm gonna go find a quiet corner in the library and spend time reading my bible and talking with God. I have a feeling I'll feel WAY better afterwards.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eat your wheaties!

Yep..I'm sitting here eating my frosted wheaties! :-) Great source of fiber and hopefully it'll give me energy throughout the day LOL I have pictures since I'm a graduating senior at FSU (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does happy dance*) and it's taken me forever to pic just the right outfit LOL I want these to be good because everyone in my family needs updated pics of me since the last ones they have are three years ago and my hair was HALF the length it is now! yucky now the 2peas challenge: If I were a flower I'd be:

A DAISY!!!!!!

I'm gonna take a Meg Ryan approach and say that they're such a happy flower :-) I love daisies. They make me smile and feel better :-) See and it fits because my name means "happy" and daisies are a "happy" flower TADA!!!! It works!!!! :-) lol

So yeah...that's my post on the challenge :-) Now I want to get some daisies...hmm....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to get Three columns:

So I got a few comments on my blog about how I made it into three columns so I decided to post where I got the directions!!! :-) Just go to this website and follow the easy step directions!

Now just a little FYI, I changed my sizes from what they posted. Here are the changes:

#header-wrapper {
margin:0 auto 10px;
border:1px solid #cc0000;
then scroll down a little:

#outer-wrapper {
width: 900px;
margin:0 auto;
font: normal normal 100% Arial, sans-serif;

#main-wrapper {
width: 450px;
margin-left: 25px;
float: left;
word-wrap: break-word; /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */
overflow: hidden; /* fix for long non-text content breaking IE sidebar float */

#sidebar-wrapper {
width: 200px;
float: right;
word-wrap: break-word; /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */
overflow: hidden; /* fix for long non-text content breaking IE sidebar float */

#newsidebar-wrapper {
width: 200px;
float: left;
word-wrap: break-word; /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */
overflow: hidden; /* fix for long non-text content breaking IE sidebar float */

then the footer I also changed:

#footer {
margin:0 auto;
line-height: 1.6em;
text-align: center;

Any questions feel free to email me or just leave a comment on
here and I'll get
back to you!!!! :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

New {totally flippin sweet} blog!!

Ok so thank you sooooooooo much A.J. Clark for showing me how to make three columns on my blog!!! My blog is officially how I've been wanting it for sooooooooooo long!!! New banner...the works!!! and THREE columns! :-) AH i totally love it and am So excited about it! I'll probably be blogging more because I love it so much LOL

Again as always thanks for visiting my blog!! :-)

Some people I miss and/or love (from Germany trip '07)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally!!!!! My first LO since school started!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* it felt SO good just sitting in my room amidst my creative mess :-) lol this lo i thought of today and am SO happy about how it turned out!!!!!!!! :-) woo hoo!! (sorry about the scan but thanks to 3d embellishments it messes up the scan)

**the journaling says: when I say I want 4 boys..people think I'm CRAZY!...but I don't care :-) More than anything I want to be a sahm [stay at home mom] and raise 4 boys and be 100% dedicated to them and my husband!***

Friday, November 09, 2007


35 days til graduation!!!


*35 days until I am FREEEEE from always having to study!
*35 days until I can scrap again!!!
*35 day to get a job..EEK!
*35 days until I get out of this town!!!
*35 days until I move closer to home and Josh!
*35 days to when I have to have everything packed :-\
*35 days until I officially step into the adult world
*35 days until I'm a college graduate
*35 days until I can read for pleasure again!
*35 days until I'm closer to the beach WOO HOO!
*35 days to find a place to live
*35 days until I can pea again ;-)
and last but not least:
*35 days until my real education begins (adult world, Bible study, etc)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

*My Christmas List*

It's that time of year again!! Time to make the Christmas list for all the fam so I don't end up with weird oversized shirts or random misc things I'll never use in my life lol

Since I'm *GRADUATING* this year (WOOOOO!!!) alot of the things on my list are things I'll need for my apartment! :-) I have ZERO kitchen stuff hence why that's the main things I asked for lol

So I LOVE Pampered Chef! omg it is just AMAZING stuff!!! Check it out here if you don't know about it!! So these are the things I want from Pampered Chef:
1) Classic Scraper
2) Rectangle Stone
3) Tool Turn-About
4) Large Round Stone

and also I've been dying for a sewing machine and I found the perfect one I want!!! So yay for no more handstitching for hours on my scrapbooking layouts!! Also i want to start making my own clothes and do other creative things...oooo like quilts!!!!
Anyhoo it's a Brother XL2610 and it has so many adorable stitches!!! Here it is!

And now the other stuff on my list:
-Toaster *with FOUR slots please!!*
-Pots and Pans
-Silverware -forks, knives, spoons
-Dish towels/wash rags
-Plates *you can never go wrong with a solid color like white or a very pretty pale green*
-Glasses **key word is GLASSES...I can buy plastic cups on my own***
-cooking utinsels - measuring cups and bowls, stirring spoons, spatulas, sharp knives, all those lovely misc things
-If anyone would just like to supply me with paper towels or paper plates I will more than happily accept them :-)
-If Mema can find those amazing 300 count thread sheets on sale again those would be AWESOME.. you can never go wrong with white or cream colored
-MONEY *the green stuff...oh yes..*
-NO CLOTHES WHATSOEVER!!! the only thing is PJ pants and that's IT! NONE...ZIP...ZERO... NADA!!

So yeah we'll see what all kinds of goodies I get! I'm SO excited about getting my very own place all to myself!!! It's gonna be SO much fun to decorate! lol ideas are already popping into my head!!!

Only 47 more days!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007



I haven't had internet in my room for probably a month now but I have dealt with it by just going to the main computer in the house...

now EVERYTHING is down!!!!!!!!!

so frustrating :-(

I miss blogging...I miss editing and posting my pics :-(

I miss pea-ing...

I miss it all :-(

I will be back soon I promise!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Very Narrow

Life is full of decisions. Some easy, some hard.
Some happy.
Some painful.
Some sad.
Some bittersweet.

but decisions have to be made everyday.

I know this narrow path I have chosen is where God wants me to be. The only way I can be in God's perfect will and my relationship with God healthy is walking down this path.

But....I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes I am sad. Looking back at pictures I sometimes miss the friends I had.

Sometimes I want to quit. Sometimes I'm weary and tired of this constant fight. Alot of times my prayers are sent up to God with tears streaming down my face and my knees aching from kneeling before God's heavenly throne for so long.

Then that still quiet voice comes. The voice that speaks peace and comfort to my heart. The voice that dries away my tears and tells me everthing is going to be ok.
Jesus - my Savior, my best friend

"Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest," Jesus whispers to me. My bible is tear stained but through his holy words he reminds me that "when I am weak, He is strong."

The path is narrow...but leads to life.

I choose this narrow way - and I'm just not able to turn back.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007




but not just *any* phone...but the NEW Razor!!!!!!!!! wahoooo!!!!!! lol I'm TOTALLY excited considering the phone I have now is good, but it's the kind where you get free with the plan. a $300 phone...i got it for...wait for it......


so yeah I'm uber excited :-) I should be getting it between today and fridayyy!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

here's a pic:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finances *cue death march* word that will ALWAYS make me cringe...*FINANCES* ugh...just the sound of it sounds horrible...or worse yet *BUDGET* no wait...worse than anything else in the world...i mean the hell of finances..*DEBT*

i hate debt....does anyone like it????? I don''s of the DEVIL!!!!! lol

so basically the past few years I've dug myself an financial pit would be a good word....the Grand Canyon of all financial holes. maybe not THAT bad considering there are people out there in thousands and thousands of dollars worth of debt (i pity you...i REALLY do), but on a ratio scale with me being in college and not working that much and living off of my parents wealth (tis a great thing lol) I've acquired alot of debt ( the majority of it is because of it was at least fun acquiring all that debt ;-) )

my best friend ever, Josh, is helping me dig through and out of this financial mess I have created for myself. This past month has been SUPER tight and through a night or two of wanting to scream obscenities to the ceiling, throw my phone out the window, and/or rip Josh's head off I am FINALLY beginning to climb out of this hole. Budget setting isn't fun but I'm starting to see how less stressful my life is about to become and I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it!!!!

So...a mini budget is set into place for now until I can meet with Josh in a couple of weeks to set up the "final" big budget....and yes we will be allotting money for scrapbooking (DUH!) lol

*deep breath* this CAN be done! Hopefully this time next year I will be COMPLETELY out of debt and actually have money in savings (*gasp* novel thought for me). First and foremost I am SO grateful that I have my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ beside me every step of the way because I can just place all of this in His hands and with His help (and Josh's) my finances will soon be in order.

So yeah...bottom line...the beauty of having my finances in order is I can start buying SB supplies again!! WOOOOO!!!! lol

until then....I will be putting on my boots throwing my ropes up to God and having him pull me out of this pit :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I really need to work on more *original* titles.. a song I'm ADDICTED to right now is Sway by Pussycat Dolls...I usually don't listen to their music but thanks to Michelle's playlist I heard it while visiting her blog and LOVE IT! lol just the girls voice is incredible!! and the song just rocks anyway!

soooo I miss Photoshop!!! AHHHH when I debugged my computer or whatever it erased it and I can't play on it anymore!!!!!!!!!! My life is over *sigh* and I already used up my 30 trial of PSE 5.0 so that's not an option. I have GOT to remember to grab it the next time I go home..which... speaking of...

HOME...not gonna be there for awhile :-\ Although I will be going with my friend to Pcola just an hour away from home on the 12th of October. Gotta do research for my evolution paper for Human Rights and what better place to do it than Creation Science Evanglism!! DUH!! lol

and that means.....

I GET TO SEE JOSH!!! yayness :-) I miss him like woah :-( I can't WAIT to move so I can be near him! No we're not dating lol he's just my bestest friend in the entire world!!!!! I love him like lie.

So with this post I'm PROCRASTINATING as always doing my school stuff...I'm SO over it! Get me out of here!! lol

Alright alright stuff time :-\ My brain may be reading but my heart will always be on blogging, peaing, and scrapping LOL

felicia signing off...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


alright...everyone's switching to Typepad!! GEES!!! i'm feeling left out :-( maybe I will be switching too....hmm....any suggestions??

To-do list and goal! I haven't scrapped since school started and I'm doing through severe withdrawals :-( not only haven't I scrapped but I haven't taken ANY pictures!!! EEK!!! poor Cammeron (my camera) has been neglected :-( He misses the constant attention he used to get and I miss giving it to him *sigh*


so I have a goal *cue trumpets*

***in two weeks I want to be so caught up in my reading and school work I can scrap an ENTIRE DAY without feeling guilty***

sounds easy huh??'s ALL the reading I need to do PLUS the stuff i need to catch up on:

Political Economy:
-11 articles/chapters

TV & Culture:
-15 articles/chapters
-read three of those articles and do online quiz today

Cultural Imperialism:
-15 articles
-Read Shakespeare's "The Tempest"
-think of a research topic
-Read "Heart of Darkness"

Human Rights Lit:
-Finish "A World Made New"
-Read through chapter 4 (about 200 more pages...ha)
-start researching for next small paper
-start researching for huge final paper

sooooo yeah....maybe i should change the goal to three weeks??? LOL no just kidding I CAN DO THIS!!!!! I'm off work all day saturday so I'll have the entire day to work on most of Friday too! :-)

ok..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"...*deep breath*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


so wow it's been sooooooooooo long since I've been on here!!!! Nothing's changed life consists of school, work, school, work and that's it :-(

80 DAYS UNTIL GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! lol i so can't wait because I miss scrapping and blogging and peaing!!!! :-(

overall life is going well though. God is awesome :-) He's been doing such incredible things in my life and I am SO grateful to have him running the show because I would have lost it WAY long ago! lol

i hope all my pea and sb friends are doing well out in cyberland :-) i miss all of ya'll!!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007


i miss blogging

and scrapping....

but all my life consists of now is school, work, reading, school, work, reading *sigh* i'm SO ready to graduate!!!!!!

t-minus 98 days and counting!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the answer...

ok so first of all if you have not read the previous post first STOP reading this one and read it now....



lol good :-)

so I know that I have brought to attention these problems without no real apparent solution but there is one :-)

VOTE RON PAUL!!! He's running on the Republican ticket for President in the 2008 election and he is the ONLY candidate for small government!!! He's a Constitutionalist, meaning, if it's not in the Constitution it's ILLEGAL and shouldn't be a law!!!!

ok a little bio:
Congressman Ron Paul is an independent Republican from the 14th district of Texas. He was a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force and a physician by trade. As an Obstetrician, Dr. Paul has delivered over 4,000 babies. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ron graduated from Gettysburg College and received his doctorate at Duke University.
Ron Paul has served in Congress for 17 years and is appropriately known as the “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” and “Dr. No”. If it is not authorized by the constitution, it is not the responsibility of the federal government. The Founding Fathers would be proud.

Now the important stuff...what he stands for:
Ron Paul is a constitutionalist.

Ron has never voted to raise taxes.
Ron has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
Ron has never voted for the Iraq War.
Ron has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
Ron has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
Ron has never voted to raise congressional pay.
Ron has never taken a government-paid junket.

Ron voted against the Patriot Act.
Ron votes against regulating the Internet.
Ron voted against NAFTA and CAFTA.
Ron votes against the United Nations.
Ron votes against the welfare state.
Ron votes against reinstating a military draft.

Ron votes to preserve the constitution.
Ron votes to cut government spending.
Ron votes to lower healthcare costs.
Ron votes to end the war on drugs.
Ron votes to protect civil liberties.
Ron votes to secure our borders with real immigration reform.
Ron votes to eliminate tax funded abortions and to overturn Roe v Wade.
Ron votes to protect religious freedom.

sooooo google him, facebook him, myspace him, youtube him...this man is EVERYWHERE so do your research!!!!! If you're wanting the freedoms that are ours as Americans then VOTE RON PAUL!!! and do everything you can to support this wonderful man! :-)

What Happened to Freedom?????

OMG!!!! lieu of upcoming elections and what not I have been doing alot of research on candidates, issues, etc. First and foremost I am definitely not one of those political nerds LOL I never really cared too much for politics but I have just recently watched two documentaries that has definitely changed my mind!!!!

We have been taught that we are living in a free country--America...home of the FREE. But is it still free???? How much of our freedoms have been stolen from us for the sake of "security?" With the Patriot Act allowing the government to listen to our phone calls, search our home, search our computers in SECRECY and NOT TELLING us (hellooooooo what happened to our right to face our accused? or due process???) it's only getting worse!!!!! Too many Americans have lazily sat by (including myself) and allowed the government to come in and steal our God-given freedom and liberties all under the mask of "national security." I agree with Patrick Henry when he said "give me liberty of give me DEATH!" Our Founding Fathers risked their very lives for our freedom...and here we are rather be slaves and comfortable than FIGHT for our freedom!!!! of the videos is called "Freedom to Facism" and it's mainly shows how the income tax is NOT LEGAL!! Not one law can be found!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!??!?! I never knew this but they have talked to IRS officials, former commissioners, etc and not one time can they ever prove there is a law!!!!
It also talks about the National ID Card Act that is being pushed right now by our government and hopes to pass in May 2008!!! What is it??????? It's a card that's linked to our drivers license that without it you cannot fly on airplanes, go into federal buildings, OR hold a bank account!! Soon they're hoping to make it where you can't even PURCHASE WITHOUT THIS CARD!!!!!! Christians out there, does this sound familiar?!?!?!?!?!??!
"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might BUY OR SELL, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name"
-Revelation 13:16-17
Now whether you believe in the Bible or not as Americans WHYYYY would you want the government monitoring your every freaking move??? They'll have a record of everything you purchase, everywhere you go, all your bank records EVERYTHING!!! And with technology today all they have to do is delete your number for your card and you will have NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!!! home of the free??!?!?!?!??!?! yeah right!!! We will be SLAVES to our government. All the lives that have been sacrificed for our freedom will have been for NOTHING!!!
This isn't something that MIGHT's happening RIGHT NOW!! Right this moment legislatures in Washington are fighting for this and are hoping to pass this in MAY 2008!!!!!!!!

So the next video is called "Hacking Democracy" and it shows the flaws in the computerized technology that counts our votes and how EASY it is to HACK and CHANGE THE VOTES!!!!! Anyone who votes by computer in our country needs to check this video out and GET INVOLVED!!!! If you think your votes are safe, think again.

I know this is cliche but for lack of better words "don't take my word for it." RESEARCH all of this yourself!!! As Americans it is our DUTY and our RIGHT to stand up to the government!!! One of my favorite movies "V for Vendetta" said, "The people should not fear its government, the government should fear its people!" AMEN!!!

As American citizens I encourage you to watch these videos so you will be INFORMED of what our government is trying to hide from us. They're long, but worth it!!! It's time we stopped being idle and started forcing our government to listen to its people!!!

Here are the links:
Freedom to Facism
Hacking Democracy

if those don't work for some reason here are the actual links:
Freedom to Facism:
Hacking Democracy:

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Scrap Happy Weekend :-)

So I have to move on Tuesday *tear* so my SB stuff is gonna have to be packed tomorrow...but Saturday and Sunday I've been scrapping with my new stuff I won from 2peas Spirit Day!!!! WOOO!!! I'm lovin these fun papers and goodies!!! :-)
So here are the LOs so far:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Explanation of Banner

hahaha ok so to explain my banner LOL this pic was taken in Germany...we were at a restaurant and they had these statues of knomes LOL me being so short I of course had to take a pic with them!!! it makes me smile :-) hopefully it makes you smile too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To all the CHA Hostesses!!!

Ok so Spirit Day was AMAZING thanks to Cynthia and all of our hostesses!!! I just wanted to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOUUUUUUUU for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Spirit Day wouldn't have been fun without all of you!!!

Here are the amazing hostesses:

*Judith *

*Kim (kimosabe) *

*Trish Harwick*
*Angela (Spidergirl)*
*Andrea (Scrapcrazed)*
*Nancy (scrapnancy) *
*Janelle Richmond*

*Brandi (Bkpea)*

*Carol (Giraffemom)*
*Michelle (MizzM)*

*Tammie (TammieJean)*

*Kathy Romack *

*Caroline (Hyperstarre)*
*Nicole (Brains32192)*
and of course the lovely **CYNTHIA** who arranged the whole day!!!!

You ladies are just AWESOME :-) Thanks soooooooooooooo much for everything!! Can't wait for the next ~Spirit Day~!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


WHEW!!!!!!!! Spirit Day was AWESOME at the Pub!!! In two days I scrapped for *28* hours!!! EEK!!! LOL I definitly think I hit my creative limit!! I was EXHAUSTED on Sunday night! But I got alot done even though it's Tuesday and I'm STILL trying to recover lol!!! I participated in practically every challenge except two LOL here's what I got done:

-6 cards
-3 LOs for the Silly Challenge
-2 LOs for Flower Challenge
-2 LOs for Paint Challenge

-Scrap Secret
-1 List of 30 Challenge

-1 Recipe Challenge
-1 Journaling Challenge
-1 Tag Drive By
-1 Brad Challenge
-1 Lift Challenge

-1 Stash Challenge
-1 Basic Gray Challenge
-1 "Found Item" Challenge
-1 Chipboard Challenge
-1 Patterned Paper Challenge

now granted some of these LOs are doubled up for challenges so the grand total of everything is *21* items!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I also won **THREE** challenges!!! The Patterned Paper Challenge, Stash Challenge, and the Paint Challenge!! Can't WAIT to get the goodies so wait for the posts on those!!!! :-)

LOL I would post everything here but if you wanna check out my stuff just go to my gallery right here!!! Anything that has ~CHA Spirit Day~ in the title is what I did for Spirit Day (go figure haha)

Ok so I will post a few of my favs here we go!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What stops me from creating...

Challenge on 2peas :-)

Let's see...what keeps me from creating....

Honestly I cannot scrap if I have had a horrible day...I feel like tearing up paper and throwing paint everywhere not necessarily create anything except destruction :-\ When my mind is cluttered and overwhelmed with thoughts I journal...just write everything down that comes to my mind. For some reason getting it on paper makes it feel like it's out of my head.

so yeah...that's the one thing that screws up my creative groove LOL Thank God for journaling..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Heart....

is like a precious vase...

that's being held together by cheap glue...

blow on it and it'll crumble into a thousand pieces...

so fragile...

so vulnerable...

procrastinating.... I don't feel like working on school work so YAYY for blogging!!! haha what's been going on....well first of all I FINALLY scrapbooked for the first time yesterday since before I left for what? about a month and a half??? *sigh* it felt great to say "screw school" and be a rebel and scrap hehehehe so yeah here's the LO I did:

I love it...looks better in person though since the pop up flower makes the scan look a little weird *sigh* oh well...

oh so I also applied for a design team! WOOOO!! It's for Allyscraps so keep your fingers crossed!! I'd love to get it :-) I've never been on a design team before so this would be a first. I had to submit five LOs and a brief statement on why I'd be good for the dt. So yeah here are the LOs I submitted (I submitted the one above as one of them)

sooooo yeah....hope I get it!!!!!!! :-) I'll find out either before or on the 15th!! I'll be with Josh so i'll definitly be getting on his computer to find out!!! hahahaha

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Lucky Day????

We shall see....

I know that on the news they said 38000+ couples are getting married today...and only 3100 got married on Valentine's Day!

It will be interesting to see what the day brings....

*sigh* my first weekend I've actually be in Tally for over three months LOL

So nice to actually RELAX for a change!!!!!

Yesterday I just chilled, did a few things, and watched a movie by myself...and yes it was amazing :-)

Today???? Back to the MOUNDS of schoolwork I have to laundry *sigh*

Oh...and I miss woah...and it's only been since Wednesday since I've seen him :-\ but I get to see him in t-minus 8 days!! lol not that i'm counting :-\ haha

so yeah....busy day for me...I miss scrapbooking :-( Haven't done it in well over a month and a half :-(

EEK! I miss my Amy too!!!!!!!!!! :-( I wanted to stop by her house a couple of days ago and I remembered she wasn't there :-( sad day...very sad day indeed.

Ok...enough blogging...back to work haha

Thursday, July 05, 2007

new hair

ok so technically it's not "new" hair LOL just got the color touched up and a slight trim!!! i LOVE it!!!! especially the feeling of your hair once you just went to the hair stylist and they way they fix it is just...ah...heaven! lol

here's a pic:

Friday, June 29, 2007


ok so I'm back from back last thursday and it has been a WHIRLWIND since!!

arrived thursday evening in tally
drove home the next morning
stayed until Sunday
spent ALL day with Josh on Sunday (*sigh* i MISSED him like WOAH!) and didn't start driving back until about 3am :-\
got a ticket while on the way back home but thankfully it'll only be $15!!! praise Jesus!!!
classes started on Monday
taking THREE summer courses!!!!
already behind in EVERYTHING!!! :-(
having to finish this Powerpoint presentation for my church's 4th of July musical
finish reading a book and write a 3-4 page paper by MONDAY
exam on THURSDAY
start TWO projects
catch up on all my reading because i'm SO behind after just the first week!!!
drive home tomorrow for the 4th stuff
drive back home on Tuesday night for the 4th on Wednesday

*sigh* anyone else exhausted yet??? because i just wore myself out typing that :-(

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For the next three weeks...

I'll be in GERMANY!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol omg I am soooo excited!!!!!!! However at the same time I'm gonna be missing Josh like woah :-( but it's ok :-) It's only for three weeks and I'll see him once I get back!!!

AH gees I just know that God is gonna do some AMAZING things while we're there and I can't WAIT to see what they are!!!!

So pray for travels :-) and that all 9 of us won't kill each other by the end of the three weeks hahahaha j/k :-p lol

until June 21st!!!! Goodbye USA!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Weekend

~Things to do Today~
hurry up and get ready for the day!!!
take as many pictures for the Seminole Boosters as possible
drive HOME (again...blah and with gas $9028930432 per gallon *cringe*)
Sister's graduation dinner or something tonight...whatev free food :-D

Chill with the fam
so that means taking a TON of pics!
give her her present!!!!! hehehehe

not quite sure...
chill with the fam again
maybe go out on the boat?? oooooo!!!!
pray my grandmother's aren't in a cleaning mood :-\

Maybe see Josh????
If so go to church with him that evening :-)
Drive back to Tally!!

WHEW!!!!!!! lol looks to be a good weekend :-) So excited about my sister graduating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Secret Garden shh!!

haha ok so yesterday Doug, Jenna, and I got to hang out in Tally!!! So much fun! We went to Po' Boys which was YUMMY!!!!!!! and then Doug told us about this "secret garden" LOL just this little place that no one really knows about that we went to. sooooooo pretty!!! Had the coolest tree EVVERRRRR lol we just chilled there until the sunset, went to Brusters to get ice cream, and then Jenna and I worked on pics for Germany :-) ALot of fun and it was great being with them again!!!! I can't wait to go with them to GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so here are some pics from yesterday:

Me and Josh

Ok so here are the pics Josh and I took when I saw him on Saturday :-) Can you say I love him like woah??? lol ah gees I don't know what I'd do without him!!!! not to mention he always makes me laugh LOL he's such a goofball :p

Saturday, May 12, 2007

*tear* was the funeral for Josh's grandmother. He sang at it and it was GORGEOUS as always...surprisingly I didn't cry.
Ah was so good seeing him again but my heart breaks for him because of all the stuff he's going through right now.
My love for him grows everday and I'll be honest it's frustrating because sometimes I'm confused of what kind of love it is.
All I know...when I left him today I felt like a part of me is missing.
But on a brighter some new pics of us today!!!! Definitly will post once I get back in Tally!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

This boy...

-I woah
-My bestest friend in the world
-Always there for me no matter what
-I will protect and defend him at all costs
-I miss very much
-Good thing I have unlimited text because we text from the time we wake up until we go to sleep haha
-My heart aches when he is in pain
-He always makes me laugh and smile...all the time
-Everytime I'm with him I am ridiculously happy
-My respect for him grows everyday because of everything he's going through
-He's a Godly man whose love for Jesus amazes me
-Singing voice=AWESOMENESS...i want to marry it *swoons*
-I get lost in his eyes
-He cares for me so much...always tells me I'm beautiful and so special to him
-Are we dating??? no (i'm sure you were wondering :p)
-I'm completely myself and totally comfortable around him

but above all.....
-I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pics that make me smile

Thursday, May 10, 2007


wooooo!!!!!!! completely redesigned my blog LOL took me FOREVER and I'll admit it got to where I want it partially by accident haha but I like it...nice and summery. yeah that's not a word I made it up :p LOL

so tell me what you think!!! :-) comments are always welcomed!


hehe i liked this little blog challenge on 2peas!!!! Two of everything:

Two Names I Go by: LOL honestly too many...but my real name, Felicia...and um...most popular nickname?? that'd be Ish lol

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: tshirt and shorts :-) still in my PJs haha gotta love it!!!

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: True love..the unconditional love!!! and of course Trust :-)

Two of My Favorite Things to do: SCRAPBOOKING!!!! lol ok that was a duh LOL and take pictures :-) another duh lol

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: ahhh my package I ordered from 2peas!!!! and I really REALLY want to see Josh. Ok so he's not a thing LOL but this is my blog and I say it counts :p

Two pets I have: Well..don't have them at the moment *tear* but I HAD a dog name Fidget and then my baby, Goober!!!!! I miss him like woah :-(

Two things I did last night: Worked on my sister's graduation present!! and of coursed I Pea'ed lol

Two things I ate today: Cereal...and well that's all I've had LOL but I'm drinking grape juice right now (yummy!!!)

Two people I just talked to last: Josh :-) of course and actually the other last person is my other friend Josh haha funny

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: GOING HOME!!!!! :-D :-D :-D and going to my sister's IB graduation dinner thingy...whatev it's free food **big cheesy grin**

Two longest car rides: LOL NYC on Choir Tour summer after I graduated high school OH! and the mission trip to Phoenix, AZ the summer after 8th grade year when I moved to TX and we had to drive across the ENTIRE state of TX!!! holy cow a bunch of nothingness LOL

Two Favorite Holidays: CHRISTMAS!!! and my birthday hehehe ok so technically it's not a holiday but it is in my mind!!!!

Two favorite beverages: MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!!!! lol and Chocolate Milk :-) *sigh* makes me relax everytime

haha that was fun :-) I liked this challenge lol made me smile!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Emotions challenge on 2peas to list 10 emotions and a story to go with I go :-\

1) Happy---because I got HAPPY MAIL today!! wooooooo thanks Michelle for the cute little flowers and tin!!!

2) Sad---my good friend Josh's grandmother died on Monday so he's dealing with all of that. More than anything I want to be there with him but I can't :-(

3) Mad---stupid people in this world GEES!!! why can't we all get along??? Josh's family (exluding his grandpa) wants nothing to do with him including his [ex]pastor (LONG story) and more than anything he needs his family during this time!!! GRRRRR!!!!

4) Excited--I'm going home this weekend AND I get to see Josh!!! yayyyy! ooo also Germany is coming up soon! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

5) Frustrated---because I can't figure out what I want to eat and I'm HUNGRY!!!! lol

6) Loving---because everything Josh is going through I just want to take care of him so much! Ah gees I think it's in my blood to love him like woah :-)

7) Anxious---I have this huge album I'm doing for my sister graduating from high school and I'm wondering if I'm going to finish it in time :-\

8) Grateful--because my God is amazing and He has blessed me beyond all reason!!!

9) Surprised---right now I'm actually talking to my Amy!!!! I've missed her SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!! :-) She needs to stop working so much :-p someone go tell her!!! lol

10) Lonely---ok so not too badly LOL but school is out, I'm not seeing my friends that often...alot of times I'm home by myself. Although I'm scrapping it's cool but I do get a little stir crazy!!!!!

wow I got down 10!!! LOL so proud of myself :-)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Addiction


totally love them
bought five last week
cooler than other clothes
feminine and girly
I feel great in them
I WANT MORE!!!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Annnnd another update :-)

So gees I have a hard time updating this blog :-( Problem is I have been SOOO incredibly busy with school that I don't have time!!! But I am officially done with classes this semester!! WOOOO!!!!!! and i've been scrapping since yesterday for the first time in TWO months! gees it feels AMMMAAZZZZIINNGG!! here are the LOs I've done:

Hehe LOVE the new Rouge de Garance!! I'm basically obsessed now LOL this is totally my personality and a fun LO to do!!!

One of my Germany LOs!!!! Cosmo Cricket and Heidi Swapp chipboard letters! Oh and Hambly rub on :-D

Basic Grey Scarlet Letters!! I'm OBESSED!!!!!!!! hahaha our first dinner in Germany last summer! TOTALLY jet lagged haha but still yummy!!! more updates: I DYED MY HAIR!!!!! hahaha i LOVE it! I used to be a dirty blonde but now I'm like a dark reddish brown. New cut too. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! and so does everyone else! :-) Naturally here's a pic:

the day I got it cut :-) and then this was taken yesterday (right)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life Changing

So this morning Jonny Diaz (go check him out! he's on myspace!!) sang in worship at church...I started crying during a song that he sang because it TOTALLY speaks to my heart. Basically he wrote this song about me...for the past couple of days God is showing me how messed up in the head I really am. Mainly when it comes to the woman God plans and desires for me to be. Within a few hours alone I have been stripped of my walls, my identity, my excuses, my pride...just reduced to a weak and vulnerable girl. But now I CLING to my to Him when I need to feel safe and secure. For so long I have longed and desired my "prince charming" to come along....yet I realized last night that God is my prince charming that I have been seeking this entire time. Now I am learning to FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS...make HIM number one lover of my life....because ultimately...that's all I need.

Ok so here's the song. It's called "Sarah Jo"

Sarah Jo was a seven-year-old way back in '91.
A beautiful kid, just as innocent as the little girl she was
With ribbons flowing from her bike, the apple of her daddy's eye
Oh Sarah Jo, where did they go, all those happy times?

Now the makeup covers all your wounds, and your clothes don't cover much of you
Many nights with many guys, but you've never once been satisfied
Oh Sarah Jo if you had known how mean the years would be
They took your pride, your joy in life and never filled your needs

Sarah, come and walk with me, I'll show you the girl you're supposed to be
With a purpose in life and an innocent smile
Look at me with softer eyes, a brand new start, your chin up high
Not worn by the world, you're still God's little girl

Oh, my my, how time can fly, you've lost the years you had
So much as changed but grace remins, and your past is just that
Oh, Sarah Jo, you should know how it feels to be free
Unlock your chains and change your name, and then come and dance with me

Saved by grace, amazing grace! Now you'll never be the same
Angels dance in jubilee, oh Sarah, come with me...

Sarah, come and show your face and know no sin can cover grace
'Cause His mercies restore and what's done is no more
Sarah, come now, wearing white, standing tall, a blameless bride
Not judged by the world, 'cause you're still God's little girl
'Cause you're still God's little girl

bottom line: God is amazing...and I am so humbled by the fact that despite all I have to offer him is a pathetic little rag, dirty, and filled with holes He still loves and accepts me and WANTS to make me clean and a "blameless bride"


Monday, March 12, 2007


So's been foreve r since I've updated this blog and omg the things that have happened since then!

So first of all this past week was spring break and I am SO not ready to come back to school!!!! Today everyone was like "ugh" LOL I spent the majority of my spring break visiting friends in Texas and I had SOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! I mainly went to go visit my very good friend, Tim...but more about him later...

I turned 21 on saturday!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! hahahahaha I had technically celebrated all week in TX *wink* but the actual day of my bday my family and I went out on the boat and docked at a restaurant and ate. Naturally I had my 1st *legal* alcoholic drink and here are the pics to document this momentus occcasion:

the waitress checking my id!!!

drinking my 1st drink!! It was a "Blue Crab" (kinda like a Long Island Tea)

 now about Tim. A brief background: we dated back in 9th grade (haha yeah can't really count that now LOL) and he was definitly my first love. Between then and now (a total span of 7 years) we have been through every range of emotions from loving each other to down right hating each other...but for the past couple of years we have been really good friends. He knows me better than God (ha not really but definitly a close 2nd!!) and who I am today is mainly credited to him. He has taught me so much and has helped me grow immensley. He always has his ways of just knowing things LOL and although it has definitly pissed me off because he is NEVER wrong I have just come to accept it and be grateful for it. Everytime I have screwed up in my life he has been there to help pick of the pieces and put me back together.
---->Oh yeah...FYI he's in TX now while I'm here in FL<---

So this past summer we were talking alot and I was definitly falling for him again and I sensed he was too, but he said he can't handle the distance so that was that. Feelings pushed aside..move on with life.
Well during spring break I was with him ALL the time....and things definitly changed between us. He knew it and so did I but when I came home on Friday we refused to talk about it LOL kinda like the big elephant in the room when we talked :-\ my heart was aching for him as soon as I got home to Florida. I missed waking up in the morning and him being there...and I missed just being with him in general. We're so comfortable with each other and we just UNDERSTAND one another.
So finally on Saturday night i couldn't stand it anymore and I asked him what was going on between us...surprisingly he opened up and was honest with me about everything! He has NEVER been this open with me before....always the type of person where he guards his heart and doesn't really show people how he really feels. I felt like it was a huge breakthrough with him....I knew that he always trusted me but now he really showed it.
It's really complicated between's hard to explain because alot of it is something only he and I will ever be able to understand. We're not together but just seeing where this goes. He is torn about this and so am I. I'll be graduating this December and you better believe I'll move to be close to him. I'm wanting to move's all a matter of geography after that.
So bottom line: I'm rapidly falling in love with him all over again. I have honestly lost the desire to be with any guy and for me that is a HUGE deal lol...i'm normally the type to "keep my options open" if you know what I mean.
For the past few nights we've talked on the phone until 3am....just being silent on the phone with him is fine because I can tell we both cling to the fact that we are there via cell phone. I miss him so heart longs to be with him. It feels so right for us to be together...we don't know exactly why it just does.
I guess we'll see where this goes. It may be complicated but one thing I am sure of: He's worth waiting for

Friday, February 09, 2007


OMG can you die of happiness?!?!?!? LOL I just got my package in from my secret cupid today and I am IN LOVE!!! Everything is just incredible! Ah gees...who needs a guy when I have all of this?!?!?!?!??!? LOL

This is all I got:
an AMAZINGLY cute card!
a box she decorated with felt full of REESES PEANUT BUTTER HEARTS!!! :-)
3 "spare parts" letters by Paper red, white, and black
Making Memorie's foam love 2 stamps :-D
Making Memories Love Value Pack chipboard shapes :-D :-D
DCWV sticker value pack
Me and My Big Idea Glitter letters in red and black stickers
Doodlebug Party Mix alphabet stickers
Pebbles Inc cardstock stickers
2 DCWV rub on "friendship & love" and the other "expressions"
Me and My Big Idea bling hearts :-D
a plastic heart with Reeses Pieces in them :-D
a CUUUTTEEEEE little wooden purse/box thingy (don't know exactly what you would call it LOL) that I can decorate that was full of embellishments and containers :-D :-D :-D

THANKS CUPID!!! you're the bestest EVVEEERRRRR!!
here's a pic:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

CHA Spirit Day!

So today was CHA Spirit Day at the Pub on 2peas!! It was INSANE!!!!!!! LOL I felt like there was a challenge every second to do!! LOL Not only did I do as many challenges as I could, I challenged myself even more to do ALL digital layouts. Well, I got 7 LOs done tonight!!! :-) I was quite proud of covered 10 challenges! Unfortunately [so far] I haven't won any :-( but that's ok! the whole point was to SCRAP! and that's what I did :-D Yeah and I justified doing this instead of school work by saying i was "building my portfolio" LOL which i really was!!!!!!! but still I should have done school work :-(

oh well :-D LOL here are the LOs I did today!!!!!

Overall it was a GREAT day! and I think very productive!! :-)