Sunday, January 28, 2007

CHA Spirit Day!

So today was CHA Spirit Day at the Pub on 2peas!! It was INSANE!!!!!!! LOL I felt like there was a challenge every second to do!! LOL Not only did I do as many challenges as I could, I challenged myself even more to do ALL digital layouts. Well, I got 7 LOs done tonight!!! :-) I was quite proud of covered 10 challenges! Unfortunately [so far] I haven't won any :-( but that's ok! the whole point was to SCRAP! and that's what I did :-D Yeah and I justified doing this instead of school work by saying i was "building my portfolio" LOL which i really was!!!!!!! but still I should have done school work :-(

oh well :-D LOL here are the LOs I did today!!!!!

Overall it was a GREAT day! and I think very productive!! :-)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh another thing, we don't care that you're a fat stump jumper from the south either you fucking idiot.