Friday, April 20, 2007

Annnnd another update :-)

So gees I have a hard time updating this blog :-( Problem is I have been SOOO incredibly busy with school that I don't have time!!! But I am officially done with classes this semester!! WOOOO!!!!!! and i've been scrapping since yesterday for the first time in TWO months! gees it feels AMMMAAZZZZIINNGG!! here are the LOs I've done:

Hehe LOVE the new Rouge de Garance!! I'm basically obsessed now LOL this is totally my personality and a fun LO to do!!!

One of my Germany LOs!!!! Cosmo Cricket and Heidi Swapp chipboard letters! Oh and Hambly rub on :-D

Basic Grey Scarlet Letters!! I'm OBESSED!!!!!!!! hahaha our first dinner in Germany last summer! TOTALLY jet lagged haha but still yummy!!! more updates: I DYED MY HAIR!!!!! hahaha i LOVE it! I used to be a dirty blonde but now I'm like a dark reddish brown. New cut too. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! and so does everyone else! :-) Naturally here's a pic:

the day I got it cut :-) and then this was taken yesterday (right)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life Changing

So this morning Jonny Diaz (go check him out! he's on myspace!!) sang in worship at church...I started crying during a song that he sang because it TOTALLY speaks to my heart. Basically he wrote this song about me...for the past couple of days God is showing me how messed up in the head I really am. Mainly when it comes to the woman God plans and desires for me to be. Within a few hours alone I have been stripped of my walls, my identity, my excuses, my pride...just reduced to a weak and vulnerable girl. But now I CLING to my to Him when I need to feel safe and secure. For so long I have longed and desired my "prince charming" to come along....yet I realized last night that God is my prince charming that I have been seeking this entire time. Now I am learning to FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS...make HIM number one lover of my life....because ultimately...that's all I need.

Ok so here's the song. It's called "Sarah Jo"

Sarah Jo was a seven-year-old way back in '91.
A beautiful kid, just as innocent as the little girl she was
With ribbons flowing from her bike, the apple of her daddy's eye
Oh Sarah Jo, where did they go, all those happy times?

Now the makeup covers all your wounds, and your clothes don't cover much of you
Many nights with many guys, but you've never once been satisfied
Oh Sarah Jo if you had known how mean the years would be
They took your pride, your joy in life and never filled your needs

Sarah, come and walk with me, I'll show you the girl you're supposed to be
With a purpose in life and an innocent smile
Look at me with softer eyes, a brand new start, your chin up high
Not worn by the world, you're still God's little girl

Oh, my my, how time can fly, you've lost the years you had
So much as changed but grace remins, and your past is just that
Oh, Sarah Jo, you should know how it feels to be free
Unlock your chains and change your name, and then come and dance with me

Saved by grace, amazing grace! Now you'll never be the same
Angels dance in jubilee, oh Sarah, come with me...

Sarah, come and show your face and know no sin can cover grace
'Cause His mercies restore and what's done is no more
Sarah, come now, wearing white, standing tall, a blameless bride
Not judged by the world, 'cause you're still God's little girl
'Cause you're still God's little girl

bottom line: God is amazing...and I am so humbled by the fact that despite all I have to offer him is a pathetic little rag, dirty, and filled with holes He still loves and accepts me and WANTS to make me clean and a "blameless bride"