Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scrapper's Block? or in love?

So lately I haven't been scrapbooking...or making cards...or doing anything creative whatsoever. And on top of that I haven't had a sudden urge to do so. I mean I want to, but then I don't want to. Lately I've just been in a reflective mood. I guess it is partly due to the fact I'm going through withdrawals because I haven't really talked to my best friend in 3 days. I'm working 12-13 hours during the day and he's working graveyards for 2 weeks. So by the time I'm getting off work, he's going to work. I miss him beyond all reason. Which brings me to the next part of the title. Am I falling in love with him all over again???? I realize that I'm the happiest when things are going really well between us (not that it ever isn't). I love talking to him. I LOVE the fact that he knows me better than God (ok so not really, but he comes in a close 2nd :-D ) It got so bad yesterday I wrote him a letter in my journal. All the things that I've wanted to tell him but just haven't. I know that he has feelings for me...and I have feelings for him...but we never talk about it. It's like I can't. It's like once we start talking about it we're taking that step to the next level and I think both of us are slightly scared about it.

So bottom line: missing him definitly messes up my creative groove

Friday, July 21, 2006

Weekend Plans

First of all I have to say TGIF!! THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! LOL I work from 5-9 tonight but then I'm off tomorrow because of my great-grandmother's 86th (?) birthday party. I can't wait to see my mom's side of the family all together because I haven't seen alot of them in FOREVER! My 2 favorite cousins, hopefully, will be there. We're all in college so it's very rare that we ever see each other except for Christmas :-(
I have a feeling tomorrow will definitly be one of those reminders of how God has truly blessed me with an AMAZING family. More details to come! I can't wait!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

2peas challenge

Five thing that put me in a good mood

1) My darling Chihuahua, Goober. No matter what kind of day I am having he's ALWAYS happy to see me!!!
2) When I finish a layout and I know that it looks AMAZING!
3) Laughing and smiling with friends
4) My best friend in the world, Tim. I can always turn to him for anything and he understands and knows exactly how I feel
5) Oreos and milk :-D :-D :-D I'm addicted LOL always makes me feel better!!!!

About Me

Ok so this post is just a little bit about me =) The reason i started this blog is because I want it to help me with my journaling skills for scrapbooking =) Just a place where I can put all my random thoughts in one place.

So a little bit about me: I'M ADDICTED TO SCRAPBOOKING!!!!!! It's definitly to the point where I can't go in a scrapbook store and spend less than $20 :-\ I'm also a junior in college majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in journalism with an emphasis in magazines. My dream is to one day be able to work for Creating Keepsakes Magazine or another scrapbooking magazine.

I love to smile and laugh and just have a great time. Singing is another one of my passions. I'm in an 8 person vocal ensemble through my college and just this summer we went on a mission trip to Germany! It was INCREDIBLE!!! There are NO words to describe it!!!!! I can't wait to go back next year!

God has truly blessed me with an awesome family and friends who have encouraged me, challenged me, and taught me SO many things!!!

So bottom line: ENJOY MY BLOG!!!! Feel free to leave comments =)