Monday, February 18, 2008


alright all you bloggers and scrappers :-) I have a huge favor to ask of ya'll!!

I know alot of people have been doing the deck of card things and I bought two decks a LONG time ago lol but never got around to starting my own deck! 


what I'm asking is for you to post your favorite quote(s), sayings, bible verses, whatev lol to get my mojo going!!! or any ideas in general to put on each card.

THANKS SO MUCH!!!! :-) i can't wait to start!!


is the big day!!

what I've been waiting for for over a month..


EEK! lol I've been studying all day and I PRAY that i pass it tomorrow so I can start work! 

My first real job! I'm so excited about it!!!!! I've been so anxious to get all of the dumb paper work and studying and test taking out of the way so I could FINALLY get to work.

Annnndddd then tomorrow after my exam and work???

SCRAPPING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol even though I have limited pics to work with (because i've had no money to print them out *tear*) I still can scrap what I have :-) I can't wait!!! So hopefully I'll be posting some pics tomorrow!!!! 

Friday, February 01, 2008

Today's the day!! is the day I'm finally moving to Pcola! OK, so it's not officially to a place of my own yet but hey it's at least in the right geographic location lol one step at a time

So as I was packing up last night I got online to look at some pics and I got a little nostalgic of friends I left in Tally *sigh* So I'd thought I'd share some of my memories that make me smile and laugh :-)