Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To all the CHA Hostesses!!!

Ok so Spirit Day was AMAZING thanks to Cynthia and all of our hostesses!!! I just wanted to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOUUUUUUUU for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Spirit Day wouldn't have been fun without all of you!!!

Here are the amazing hostesses:

*Judith *

*Kim (kimosabe) *

*Trish Harwick*
*Angela (Spidergirl)*
*Andrea (Scrapcrazed)*
*Nancy (scrapnancy) *
*Janelle Richmond*

*Brandi (Bkpea)*

*Carol (Giraffemom)*
*Michelle (MizzM)*

*Tammie (TammieJean)*

*Kathy Romack *

*Caroline (Hyperstarre)*
*Nicole (Brains32192)*
and of course the lovely **CYNTHIA** who arranged the whole day!!!!

You ladies are just AWESOME :-) Thanks soooooooooooooo much for everything!! Can't wait for the next ~Spirit Day~!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


WHEW!!!!!!!! Spirit Day was AWESOME at the Pub!!! In two days I scrapped for *28* hours!!! EEK!!! LOL I definitly think I hit my creative limit!! I was EXHAUSTED on Sunday night! But I got alot done even though it's Tuesday and I'm STILL trying to recover lol!!! I participated in practically every challenge except two LOL here's what I got done:

-6 cards
-3 LOs for the Silly Challenge
-2 LOs for Flower Challenge
-2 LOs for Paint Challenge

-Scrap Secret
-1 List of 30 Challenge

-1 Recipe Challenge
-1 Journaling Challenge
-1 Tag Drive By
-1 Brad Challenge
-1 Lift Challenge

-1 Stash Challenge
-1 Basic Gray Challenge
-1 "Found Item" Challenge
-1 Chipboard Challenge
-1 Patterned Paper Challenge

now granted some of these LOs are doubled up for challenges so the grand total of everything is *21* items!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I also won **THREE** challenges!!! The Patterned Paper Challenge, Stash Challenge, and the Paint Challenge!! Can't WAIT to get the goodies so wait for the posts on those!!!! :-)

LOL I would post everything here but if you wanna check out my stuff just go to my gallery right here!!! Anything that has ~CHA Spirit Day~ in the title is what I did for Spirit Day (go figure haha)

Ok so I will post a few of my favs though..so here we go!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What stops me from creating...

Challenge on 2peas :-)

Let's see...what keeps me from creating....

Honestly I cannot scrap if I have had a horrible day...I feel like tearing up paper and throwing paint everywhere not necessarily create anything except destruction :-\ When my mind is cluttered and overwhelmed with thoughts I journal...just write everything down that comes to my mind. For some reason getting it on paper makes it feel like it's out of my head.

so yeah...that's the one thing that screws up my creative groove LOL Thank God for journaling..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Heart....

is like a precious vase...

that's being held together by cheap glue...

blow on it and it'll crumble into a thousand pieces...

so fragile...

so vulnerable...


yeah...so I don't feel like working on school work so YAYY for blogging!!! haha

hmmm...so what's been going on....well first of all I FINALLY scrapbooked for the first time yesterday since before I left for Germany...so what? about a month and a half??? *sigh* it felt great to say "screw school" and be a rebel and scrap hehehehe so yeah here's the LO I did:

I love it...looks better in person though since the pop up flower makes the scan look a little weird *sigh* oh well...

oh so I also applied for a design team! WOOOO!! It's for Allyscraps so keep your fingers crossed!! I'd love to get it :-) I've never been on a design team before so this would be a first. I had to submit five LOs and a brief statement on why I'd be good for the dt. So yeah here are the LOs I submitted (I submitted the one above as one of them)

sooooo yeah....hope I get it!!!!!!! :-) I'll find out either before or on the 15th!! I'll be with Josh so i'll definitly be getting on his computer to find out!!! hahahaha

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Lucky Day????

We shall see....

I know that on the news they said 38000+ couples are getting married today...and only 3100 got married on Valentine's Day!

It will be interesting to see what the day brings....


ah...so my first weekend I've actually be in Tally for over three months LOL

So nice to actually RELAX for a change!!!!!

Yesterday I just chilled, did a few things, and watched a movie by myself...and yes it was amazing :-)

Today???? Back to the MOUNDS of schoolwork I have to do...plus laundry *sigh*

Oh...and I miss Josh...like woah...and it's only been since Wednesday since I've seen him :-\ but I get to see him in t-minus 8 days!! lol not that i'm counting :-\ haha

so yeah....busy day for me...I miss scrapbooking :-( Haven't done it in well over a month and a half :-(

EEK! I miss my Amy too!!!!!!!!!! :-( I wanted to stop by her house a couple of days ago and I remembered she wasn't there :-( sad day...very sad day indeed.

Ok...enough blogging...back to work haha

Thursday, July 05, 2007

new hair

ok so technically it's not "new" hair LOL just got the color touched up and a slight trim!!! i LOVE it!!!! especially the feeling of your hair once you just went to the hair stylist and they way they fix it is just...ah...heaven! lol

here's a pic: