Saturday, July 07, 2007

*sigh* my first weekend I've actually be in Tally for over three months LOL

So nice to actually RELAX for a change!!!!!

Yesterday I just chilled, did a few things, and watched a movie by myself...and yes it was amazing :-)

Today???? Back to the MOUNDS of schoolwork I have to laundry *sigh*

Oh...and I miss woah...and it's only been since Wednesday since I've seen him :-\ but I get to see him in t-minus 8 days!! lol not that i'm counting :-\ haha

so yeah....busy day for me...I miss scrapbooking :-( Haven't done it in well over a month and a half :-(

EEK! I miss my Amy too!!!!!!!!!! :-( I wanted to stop by her house a couple of days ago and I remembered she wasn't there :-( sad day...very sad day indeed.

Ok...enough blogging...back to work haha

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