Sunday, January 28, 2007

CHA Spirit Day!

So today was CHA Spirit Day at the Pub on 2peas!! It was INSANE!!!!!!! LOL I felt like there was a challenge every second to do!! LOL Not only did I do as many challenges as I could, I challenged myself even more to do ALL digital layouts. Well, I got 7 LOs done tonight!!! :-) I was quite proud of covered 10 challenges! Unfortunately [so far] I haven't won any :-( but that's ok! the whole point was to SCRAP! and that's what I did :-D Yeah and I justified doing this instead of school work by saying i was "building my portfolio" LOL which i really was!!!!!!! but still I should have done school work :-(

oh well :-D LOL here are the LOs I did today!!!!!

Overall it was a GREAT day! and I think very productive!! :-)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Banner!

YAY FOR NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D I definitly like this one alot :-)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2peas Challenge -10 things I've done RIGHT

Haha so yeah this is a hard one, but SO good for me to do!!!!! So here we go:

10 things i've recently done RIGHT

1) all things Richard--LOL meaning encouraging him, being there for him, being patient and understanding with us being so far apart, telling him how much he means to me, etc
2) cleaned up my SB space :-)
3) Read the majority of my required reading for school (getting ANY done for the holidays was good enough LOL)
4) Went to Church on Sunday and tithed :-)
5) Helped a stranger jump off their car and didn't accept anything in return
6) Made sure to give my good friend my parking spot on campus when I left (trust me that's a HUGE deal because parking is a NIGHTMARE on campus LOL)
7) Made/making the bookmarks for all the girls at the women's retreat coming up this weekend (still have a little more work to do!)
8) said hello to my secret target every day since Sunday for our Secret Cupid swap on 2peas :-)
9) finished writing in all of my syllabuses (or is it syllabi? LOL) in my planner for school this semester.....basically I finally got organized LOL

ahhh one more!!!

10) been to ALL of my classes so far ON TIME!!!!!! LOL ok lame I know, but still!! This was kinda hard!!

hahahahaha ok there ya go :-) now that I feel better about myself OFF TO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007


So yeah...I talked to Richard tonight and now I'm scared to death. We talked about how this week is gonna be the true test to see if we can work a relationship out between us. The reason is because it's gonna be the 1st week where BOTH of us will be back to our regular schedules - him working and me going to school with my insane work load. We're both hoping we can do this, and we think we can...but this is the test.
I'm so scared....what if he changes his mind?!?!?!??!?!?! I mean I couldn't blame him...I could kind of tell that the wounds from his last relationship aren't fully healed yet. Ah gees....this part of the relationship is always's exciting because of the new emotions and everything being new, but annoying at the same time because you're not sure of what the other person is thinking or how they react to things like you do when you've been with them for a long time.

ok...deep breath ***breath in...breath out***

ah much better....I just need to get through this day at a time...

1st Digi!!!

So yeah I bought a new the "sassy" digi kit by Rhonna Farrer (i hope i got her name right!!) LOL I think I did a pretty good job with it even though it took me 9382438492 tries to get what I wanted LOL Hopefully this is the 1st of many!!!!!!!
Here it is:

Yeah the journaling reads: I am writing this at the beginning of what I am hoping to be will be a wonderful relationship. I know that there are some people who probably think we're crazy to begin our relationship on opposite sides of the country and eventually the world. Yes it will be hard, and yes there will be moments that we will not want to deal with the other, but I know that we can do this. When you go off to Iraq I know that my heart will ache for your return constantly, but I know this is something you have to do...I miss you so much already and I can't wait to be in your arms. Neither one of us knows what the future may bring, but I am excited to see what happens. I am so lucky to have you in my life, and it feels so good to know that you feel the same way. Can't wait to see what tomorrow may bring! Love ya! Missing you always, Felicia

Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Political Blog

So normally I don't blog about the political issues that are going on in our country, but I have to get this out of my system.
I just got done watching 60 minutes where they were doing an interview with President Bush because of his latest plan that's going to send 21000 more troops to Iraq. Now this effects my personally because Richard's unit is now on standby. He was just told that on Thursday so now they have a mandatory meeting 1st thing Tuesday morning. We have no idea what that meeting is going to inform him about....I'm hoping they're going to say when he's going over. Since he's on standby he can go anytime this year--it could be next month or December...we don't know and it's killing me not knowing.
Ok, so back to this interview with Bush. I have always been supportive of Bush, but lately I'm realizing that it's so hard for me to form a solid black or white opinion about the war. For me, I understand that we cannot just get out of Iraq now without it falling apart and going back to the terrorist regime. I do agree with Bush that it WILL effect America if Iraq goes back to terrorism (uh...duh 9/11 is a great example how). We're in it now, so we're kinda stuck.
Now the twist in this is the fact that I'm now in a position where I'm having someone who I care about deeply going over there in harms I have to keep myself from becoming insanely biased and also selfish in the fact that I'm so scared of losing him.
No, I don't want him to go over there. Who would?!?!?!?!? It's gonna be so hard when he leaves. I'm gonna be broke between sending him stuff and buying SB supplies to cheer me up LOL
Ok back to my political soap box---so basically I have no solid either/or opinion about the war. I don't think it's possible to back up one way or the other with solid evidence or reasoning. Yes, I want our troops to come home, but people do have to realize that if they go back to terrorist regime then America is in danger. my soap box...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


So yeah I was reading my February CK Magazine today and I found a new trick to use on Photoshop!!! It's for "glam" shots...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I've already messed around with several pics with them!! LOL Definitly gives a different mood to the picture. Here are my favorite ones: of course I had to do one of Richard :p LOL

and here's one of me...this is actually one I used on a LO for Richard....hopefully he'll like it!!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spring Semester this semester has begun :-) and I'm taking SIX classes!!! eek!!! 18 hours here I come!!! LOL I think I'm on a suicide mission!!!!! hahahaha but it's all good :-) I know I can do this and to be honest I think I work better under pressure anyway. It's gonna be all about TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!!!! I must confess that it was a factor in wondering if Richard and I could have a relationship, but as long as I completely commit myself to school work during the day, by the time he gets off work (he'll be 3 hours behind me, so it'll be like 9pm for me) I can talk to him and not feel guilty about it :-) theoretically at least... LOL I just know I can't get the slightest bit behind or i'm SCREWED!!!!!
These classes are all in my major and 3000 and 4000 level classes (the highest for undergrad is 4000), but they are incredible classes and I'm excited to be taking them :-) Two of them are performance classes which, in a way, are like acting classes but with a twist. I'm greatly looking forward to learning in these two classes because I have performed as a muscian NUMEROUS times and in every way possible LOL but never sole acting...musical theater is the closest but music adds alot LOL
So yeah...I'm taking Persuasion, Gender Communication, Performance Studies, Multicultural Film (for my minor), Nonverbal, and Performance of Contemporary Literature
and yes I bought my books today so no more guilt-free lounging or scrapbooking for me *sigh* I'm REALLY wanting to make all As this semester so it'll definitly be tough and I'll probably want to bang my head against the wall on occasion LOL but I can do this :-)
WISH ME LUCK!!!!!! :-D


Yeah, so it's amazing how life throws things at you sometimes....lately I've been just softening to the idea of a relatioship again, but definitly not actively seeking. My parents always said that it will come when I least expect it...well it did! LOL Right now I'm basically in a relationship with one of my friends from back in TX...he's a Marine :-) He's such a sweetheart and I can't believe that someone so amazing like him would care about me so much! He loves everything I do from scrapbooking to being the complete insane person that I am LOL
It's just unexpected...hit me so hard too! LOL It's amazing how he completely erases all other guys from my thoughts...I have no desire to be with any other guy which for me is a HUGE deal because although I've had my guys to choose from (not to sound arrogant at all...but I had alot of options) none of them appealed to me like he does. He tugs at my heartstrings and always makes me smile, laugh, and feel great about myself :-)
Although he's stationed in California, I know that we can make this's gonna be hard, and we he's deployed to Iraq in February 2008 Walmart is gonna run out of tissues...but I know that he's worth this huge risk. 52 more days and counting until I see him!!! I'm flying to California to spend all of Spring break with him and i'm SO excited!!!!!
I can't wait to see what happens between us. I know that I could easily fall in love with him....yes it's scary as hell seeing my emotions being blown out of whack because of him. I'm normally very in control of them and now I find myself longing for him so much it hurts...having this big goofy grin on my face when I think about it...blush when people tease me about how happy I am :-) LOL
So yeah....definitly try and keep this updated about me and him :-) I know I've mentioned guys on here before, but I think this time it's the real deal :-) My parents support me and he treats me like his most priceless treasure :-)
So's a pic of him:

**sigh** yeah he's a hottie...and he's ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no, Amy you cannot have him!!!! :-p LOL

A Little Survey

A - Available or single: haha i'm definitly not available...but I'm basically not single either ;-)
B - Best Friend: aww my baby, Richard :-) and my AMY!!! and Audrey, Ashley, and Laurence
C - Cake or Pie: oooo my grandmother's Butter Pecan Cake is THE BEST!!!
D - Drink of choice: Chocolate Milk :-) or do they mean alcoholic?? LOL then that would be Smirnoff Ice!!! hehehehehe
E - Essential item you use everyday: My Ipod and Phone!!!
F - Favorite color: lately it's kinda been lavendar...but I love to wear pink :-)
G - Gummy Bears or worms: Gummies!!! Definitly got addicted to those in Germany LOL
H - Hometown: uh...Florida is my home state LOL i don't have a hometown
I - Indulgence: OMG Scrapbook stuff by far....oreos and milk, chocolate bf :-) LOL
J - January or February: February because of V-DAY!! and it's closer to my bday LOL
K - Kids & Names: no kids and depending on who I marry and their last name depends on their names LOL
L - Life is Incomplete Without? God...and scrapbooking LOL
M - Marriage Date: well not married yet LOL and I've never had a "Dream date" for my wedding...although I think a Christmas wedding would be GORGEOUS
N - Number of Siblings: sister and one brother...i'm the oldest :-D
O - Oranges or Apples: I like both...but green apples are the best :-)
P - Phobias or Fears: as of right now losing Richard--he's a Marine...enough said
Q - Fave Quote: oh gees I have 3 "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." and "Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part." and "Relax! God is in charge"
R - Reason to Smile: awww :-) I'm smiling right now thinking of him.....and of course all my wonderful friends and family!!!!
S - Season: the'd be great if FL actually HAD one :-p
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: um...I dunno LOL the ones I can tag have already done this!!!
U - Unknown Fact about Me: um....I try to booty dance in my room by myself sometimes :-\ LOL
V - Vegetable You Don't Like: celery...yuck!
W - Worst Habit: putting things off until the last minute :-(
X - Xrays: never had one
Y - Your Fave Food: mmmmm hamburgers :-D lol
Z - Zodiac Sign: Pisces :-)