Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Political Blog

So normally I don't blog about the political issues that are going on in our country, but I have to get this out of my system.
I just got done watching 60 minutes where they were doing an interview with President Bush because of his latest plan that's going to send 21000 more troops to Iraq. Now this effects my personally because Richard's unit is now on standby. He was just told that on Thursday so now they have a mandatory meeting 1st thing Tuesday morning. We have no idea what that meeting is going to inform him about....I'm hoping they're going to say when he's going over. Since he's on standby he can go anytime this year--it could be next month or December...we don't know and it's killing me not knowing.
Ok, so back to this interview with Bush. I have always been supportive of Bush, but lately I'm realizing that it's so hard for me to form a solid black or white opinion about the war. For me, I understand that we cannot just get out of Iraq now without it falling apart and going back to the terrorist regime. I do agree with Bush that it WILL effect America if Iraq goes back to terrorism (uh...duh 9/11 is a great example how). We're in it now, so we're kinda stuck.
Now the twist in this is the fact that I'm now in a position where I'm having someone who I care about deeply going over there in harms I have to keep myself from becoming insanely biased and also selfish in the fact that I'm so scared of losing him.
No, I don't want him to go over there. Who would?!?!?!?!? It's gonna be so hard when he leaves. I'm gonna be broke between sending him stuff and buying SB supplies to cheer me up LOL
Ok back to my political soap box---so basically I have no solid either/or opinion about the war. I don't think it's possible to back up one way or the other with solid evidence or reasoning. Yes, I want our troops to come home, but people do have to realize that if they go back to terrorist regime then America is in danger. my soap box...


Alyssa said...

Thanks for posting on my Paper Capers blog. I love it when I check and there are new messages!

Anyway, I agree w/ you that we (US military) can't back out now. That would be sooo much worse. Hope your guy doesn't have to be gone long.

xobellaaimox said...

aww dear. everything will be okay :(. amy promises.