Wednesday, October 25, 2006

School and "love"...a wonderful combination :-\

Ok so today I gave me persuasive speech. WHEW!! i am sooo glad that's over and done with!!! I came home and CRASHED!! I was soo tired of staying up really late the past 2 nights and then getting up really early to either practice or work on my speech. The class/audience seemed to really enjoy it :-) And I talked to my TA afterwards and she said I did a really good job!!! YAY!!!!!

Oh yeah...I got my argumentation exam back yesterday and I got a 45 our of 50!!!!!!! AN A!!!! I was sooooooo HAPPY!!! :-) Hopefully I'll be able to get an A in the class! :-)

alright so today was interesting because Josh and I talked for a little while---about the potential of having a relationship. Granted it would NOT be right now...but I did find out that he does see me as a potential gf....SCARY!!! I really didn't know what to think. Halloween will be a year since my fiance and I broke up and I'm JUST NOW starting to soften up to the mere IDEA of a relationship! I am very fond of Josh and we're great friends. It seems like we feel the same way: it's a possibility but we're enjoying being single right now. So we'll see how that goes!!!!!!! Yeah here's a pic of me and him that i'm in LOVE with!!!

cute huh?? love how he's got that "yeah i'm cool" smirk LOL

SO that I don't have to work on my speech it's all SCRAPPING tonight!!! WOO HOO!!!! sooo excited :-)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

For Amy...

Ok so I've been told by great friend, amy, that I need to blog. I do admit I have been slacking lately :-\ SOOOO off we go:

***had a run-in with my local scrapbook store (wrote a huge thread about it on 2peas and it had 14000 views in 3 days...yeah...) so therefore I will never step foot in that place again. In Amy's words "I will shoot myself with paint and ink before I EVER step place in there again" ah yes...i do love her very much
***Josh, Mat, and Josh's friend Charity surprised me this weekend by coming on Friday instead of Saturday for the game. We had a BLAST!!! I haven't that much in about 2 months...we won't go into details on what happened {{{wink}}} hehehehe
***Although my Noles lost yesterday to Boston College it was still one of the best games I've seen in a long time. I still <3>
***School's going well...I have a persuasive speech coming up soon that I need to prepare for...but I wanna scrap....hmm...this could be potentially problematic...
***I'm applying for my first Design Team EVER - KMA design team. WISH ME LUCK!! i really really REALLY want to make it mainly because it would be AWESOME to have free\discount scrap stuff, but also because it would just be SO much fun!!! and a great resume booster
***speaking of resume, I found out I can graduate in December '07!! EEK!!! soo I ready for the "real" world??? So basically i'm researching jobs dealing with scrapbooking and also customer service...I like to know my options :-)

So bottom line, life's goin great :-) Just loving being young and in college!!! WOO HOO!!!! I'll try and keep this more up-to-date from now on :-p