Wednesday, October 25, 2006

School and "love"...a wonderful combination :-\

Ok so today I gave me persuasive speech. WHEW!! i am sooo glad that's over and done with!!! I came home and CRASHED!! I was soo tired of staying up really late the past 2 nights and then getting up really early to either practice or work on my speech. The class/audience seemed to really enjoy it :-) And I talked to my TA afterwards and she said I did a really good job!!! YAY!!!!!

Oh yeah...I got my argumentation exam back yesterday and I got a 45 our of 50!!!!!!! AN A!!!! I was sooooooo HAPPY!!! :-) Hopefully I'll be able to get an A in the class! :-)

alright so today was interesting because Josh and I talked for a little while---about the potential of having a relationship. Granted it would NOT be right now...but I did find out that he does see me as a potential gf....SCARY!!! I really didn't know what to think. Halloween will be a year since my fiance and I broke up and I'm JUST NOW starting to soften up to the mere IDEA of a relationship! I am very fond of Josh and we're great friends. It seems like we feel the same way: it's a possibility but we're enjoying being single right now. So we'll see how that goes!!!!!!! Yeah here's a pic of me and him that i'm in LOVE with!!!

cute huh?? love how he's got that "yeah i'm cool" smirk LOL

SO that I don't have to work on my speech it's all SCRAPPING tonight!!! WOO HOO!!!! sooo excited :-)


Anonymous said...

felicia!! you two are adorable together! I hope that when the time is right for the two of you....what you both want to happen happens!!
and yeah for an A!!
and double yeah for scrappin time!!

xobellaaimox said...