Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2peas Challenge -10 things I've done RIGHT

Haha so yeah this is a hard one, but SO good for me to do!!!!! So here we go:

10 things i've recently done RIGHT

1) all things Richard--LOL meaning encouraging him, being there for him, being patient and understanding with us being so far apart, telling him how much he means to me, etc
2) cleaned up my SB space :-)
3) Read the majority of my required reading for school (getting ANY done for the holidays was good enough LOL)
4) Went to Church on Sunday and tithed :-)
5) Helped a stranger jump off their car and didn't accept anything in return
6) Made sure to give my good friend my parking spot on campus when I left (trust me that's a HUGE deal because parking is a NIGHTMARE on campus LOL)
7) Made/making the bookmarks for all the girls at the women's retreat coming up this weekend (still have a little more work to do!)
8) said hello to my secret target every day since Sunday for our Secret Cupid swap on 2peas :-)
9) finished writing in all of my syllabuses (or is it syllabi? LOL) in my planner for school this semester.....basically I finally got organized LOL

ahhh one more!!!

10) been to ALL of my classes so far ON TIME!!!!!! LOL ok lame I know, but still!! This was kinda hard!!

hahahahaha ok there ya go :-) now that I feel better about myself OFF TO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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xobellaaimox said...

very very good! all great things there. i am inspired :)