Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spring Semester this semester has begun :-) and I'm taking SIX classes!!! eek!!! 18 hours here I come!!! LOL I think I'm on a suicide mission!!!!! hahahaha but it's all good :-) I know I can do this and to be honest I think I work better under pressure anyway. It's gonna be all about TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!!!! I must confess that it was a factor in wondering if Richard and I could have a relationship, but as long as I completely commit myself to school work during the day, by the time he gets off work (he'll be 3 hours behind me, so it'll be like 9pm for me) I can talk to him and not feel guilty about it :-) theoretically at least... LOL I just know I can't get the slightest bit behind or i'm SCREWED!!!!!
These classes are all in my major and 3000 and 4000 level classes (the highest for undergrad is 4000), but they are incredible classes and I'm excited to be taking them :-) Two of them are performance classes which, in a way, are like acting classes but with a twist. I'm greatly looking forward to learning in these two classes because I have performed as a muscian NUMEROUS times and in every way possible LOL but never sole acting...musical theater is the closest but music adds alot LOL
So yeah...I'm taking Persuasion, Gender Communication, Performance Studies, Multicultural Film (for my minor), Nonverbal, and Performance of Contemporary Literature
and yes I bought my books today so no more guilt-free lounging or scrapbooking for me *sigh* I'm REALLY wanting to make all As this semester so it'll definitly be tough and I'll probably want to bang my head against the wall on occasion LOL but I can do this :-)
WISH ME LUCK!!!!!! :-D

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xobellaaimox said...

good luck girl! you can do it :D