Monday, December 10, 2007

Brain is in Play Mode

So my brain is definitly in play mode even though I have one more paper and a final to take LOL

AH! I can't believe I'm almost done!!! :-) So exciting!!!! I just can't wait to CHILL for a change!!!

So a few I didn't get the job at Enterprise *sigh* but it's all good. Everything is in God's hands :-)
Still job hunting......

yeah not much to my life right now LOL this is a boring post I know but in procrastinating in studying for my exam I YouTubed (ha is that a verb now?? it totally should be) and I watched this video that I have seen several times before but it still makes me laugh...

so a video for your viewing pleasure :-)

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Sarah C. said...

Glad to know you're making it through finals. :) Will continue to keep you in my prayers as you finish up and job hunt.