Friday, June 29, 2007


ok so I'm back from back last thursday and it has been a WHIRLWIND since!!

arrived thursday evening in tally
drove home the next morning
stayed until Sunday
spent ALL day with Josh on Sunday (*sigh* i MISSED him like WOAH!) and didn't start driving back until about 3am :-\
got a ticket while on the way back home but thankfully it'll only be $15!!! praise Jesus!!!
classes started on Monday
taking THREE summer courses!!!!
already behind in EVERYTHING!!! :-(
having to finish this Powerpoint presentation for my church's 4th of July musical
finish reading a book and write a 3-4 page paper by MONDAY
exam on THURSDAY
start TWO projects
catch up on all my reading because i'm SO behind after just the first week!!!
drive home tomorrow for the 4th stuff
drive back home on Tuesday night for the 4th on Wednesday

*sigh* anyone else exhausted yet??? because i just wore myself out typing that :-(


Karen said...

whew is right! Love the $15 ticket. ;)

Kate said...

How was Germany? where'd you go? what did you do?