Friday, November 30, 2007

A week in review...

Oh gees...I've missed blogging!!! I've been SOOOOOOOO busy this past week!!!! Ok so recap:

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! :-) Mine was pretty chilled although not much of a break.

-Drove all the way home
-eye doctor's appointment - contact lenses yay!!! took me about twenty min to get them in then they tell me to take them out to put them back in WHAT?!?!?! lol
-got see Josh - wow I have MISSED him!!!!! We watched Shrek 3 and laughed our butts off! LOL omg seriously funny movie

-Drove to the gma's for Thanksgiving with the entire ride over there my dad and I talking about politics and how he's just baffled on how Josh and I can be such close friends but no romantic's ok dad we can't explain it either so QUIT ASKING!!!!
-Ate...alot...took a blessed three hour nap afterwards!! yay!!
-Drove BACK to Tally! Got home at about 1am...bed by 2am

-Work from 6am-2:30pm at Michaels - OH...MY...GOSH
-Didn't think I was really tired so I just decided to have a short hour cat nap when I got home....yeah so 3 1/2 hours later I woke up feeling like I had been drugged lol

Worked....again...believe it or not I think it was busier on Saturday than Friday :-\ 9am - 3pm shift

church....yayness :-)

School, work, then stayed up until 4am for the big presentation on tuesday!

-woke up at 7am after going to sleep only 3 hours before hand....finished up on my presenation
gave my presentation in which the professor WALKED OUT ON (yeah long story but he doesn't agree with my presentation although it's extremely well documented and true and plenty of other people agree....what happened to a true education???? not INDOCTRINATION!!!!) so yeah he was RUDE beyond all reason...not to mention he interrupted my presentation rudely asking if i was almost done even though HE NEVER SET A TIME LIMIT....duh...oh yeah he got a very nice evaluation from me tired
-Stayed up until 5:30am working on my Culture Jamming project that was due on Wednesday

-woke up LATE at 10 min till nine and my class is at 9:30...terrific...not to mention I had to pick up pictures from Walgreens for my project and I went to the WRONG ONE and had to go back to the other one GRRRRRR
-thirty minutes late for class but got my project on time!
-Skipped my last class and came home and SLEPT for 5 hours....blessed sleep!
-Church again :-)

Thursday to evaluate the rude instructor even though he tried to rush us through our evaluations (yeah not cool) but I stil managed to write him a nice essay that he gets to read not to mention his supervisors ha! ha!
-worked tired
-came home and tried to read for my paper due on Monday....yeah hard to read when you're falling asleep

-Got the second interview for Enterprise in Pcola today!!!! WOOOOOO!!!
So I'm getting ready right now for it then I'm hitting the road!
-Oh and I get to see Josh for awhile tonight!!! Gonna watch Spiderman 3, grab some Wendys $1 menu items (bless them for that!) and then go around town at 10pm with about 10 other groups to post signs for RON PAUL!!!!!!
-WOOOOOOOOOOOO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone register Republican to vote for Ron Paul in your primaries!!!!!! Google Ron Paul!!!
ok that was my campaigning for now lol

So yeah now I'm all updated...yayness :-) oooo and TWO WEEKS BEFORE GRADUATION!!! praise the Lord! lol SO ready for this to be over!!!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Holidays to those of other religious beliefs and what not :-)

Awesome now that I'm all
politically correct now I can sign off :-)


Barbara Eastwick said...

Yes, this does seem like the busiest weeks of the year. I keep waiting for things to slow down - no end in sight. Oh well. I will just have to enjoy the ride!

Nicole said...

yippee for graduation!! it will be here before you know it =)

oceans5 said...

Wow you have been busy. At least you got some good naps in. My mom had my girls for a few hours yesterday so the baby and I got to take a 3.5 hr. nap. I thought I was in heaven. I'm sure things will slow down a bit after the holidays:)

KarenSue said...

my son had a prof like that...told him, "I'd be proud of that 'F'"...good luck