Monday, November 19, 2007

an ecletic post of randomness

So yeah...this post is gonna be full of random stuff lol not much to talk about but I thought I would blog anyway

So 26 days until graduation! EEK!!!!! I totally can't wait! Literally ALL I have left now is to work on my four massive projects and then two final exams the week before I graduate and then

that's it!

I'm done!




I can't just don't understand LOL

So graduation means job hunting so I can survive in the "real world" *cue dramatic music* So I've been praying about it... can I just say...i don't know how people live life without Jesus Christ as their #1!! I mean it is SO comforting to know that I can place my future in the hands of someone who has it ALL figured out and has my best interests in mind and loves me like woah. HELLOOOO!!!!! It's a peace that is just indescribable!! Saves me SO much worrying (not to mention wrinkles!! haha)

With that said I have my 2nd interview with Enterprise (yes the rent-a-car place lol) on the 30th of November!! It's a three interview process (whew!) so I'm PRAYING that it goes well!! This looks like an AMAZING job! It's for management training program eventually leading into management (duh lol) and I can live where I want and keep my own pace in regards to promotion! Not to mention starting off at 30k a year! Not bad for just graduating! Especially since most of my fellow classmates have NO clue what they're going after graduating! I just praise the Lord for opening up doors for me and just pouring out his blessings on my life!

Um...let's see what else...OH! For one of my massive projects I actually get to make a scrapbook album!!! Yes you heard right...I get to SCRAP for a GRADE!!! LOL I love this hobby! It's for a culture jamming project (LOVE culture jamming!!!!! just google it to find out about the awesomeness of it!) so I'm critiquing how the news media does a PATHETIC job on reporting about politics. So I'm making a scrapbook album to show certain events in history concerning this topic....get it??? I'll post pics when I'm done with it :-)

EEK! it's due next wednesday PLUS another MASSIVE presentation due the Tuesday before...then a term paper due the Tuesday of the following week......AHH! what am I doing blogging?!!??!?!!! LOL So off to work on these lovely little projects. The good thing about most of them is at least I get to be creative *big cheesy grin* Oh how I love being creative!!!!!

Future graduate signing off ;-)


Sherri said...

wahoo for you...your post sounds so jazzed. Way to go, congrats

Sarah C. said...

Congrats! Just hang on tight for a couple more weeks. :) Looking forward to seeing those graduation photos. You have a fabulous point about keeping Jesus in your life. Kudos to you and prayers that your final weeks in college (and those interviews!) go well.


Tracy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog... and I loved reading this post - so full of excitement that I remember well as I anticpated graduation. Just knowing that something wonderful, yet unknown, is just around the corner is an amazing feeling. Best wishes!

melissa said...

good luck with all your projects and your interview! you are soooo lucky to be graduating soon-I've still got around 3 or 4 more semesters depending on if i take summer classes or not.