Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finances *cue death march* word that will ALWAYS make me cringe...*FINANCES* ugh...just the sound of it sounds horrible...or worse yet *BUDGET* no wait...worse than anything else in the world...i mean the hell of finances..*DEBT*

i hate debt....does anyone like it????? I don''s of the DEVIL!!!!! lol

so basically the past few years I've dug myself an financial pit would be a good word....the Grand Canyon of all financial holes. maybe not THAT bad considering there are people out there in thousands and thousands of dollars worth of debt (i pity you...i REALLY do), but on a ratio scale with me being in college and not working that much and living off of my parents wealth (tis a great thing lol) I've acquired alot of debt ( the majority of it is because of it was at least fun acquiring all that debt ;-) )

my best friend ever, Josh, is helping me dig through and out of this financial mess I have created for myself. This past month has been SUPER tight and through a night or two of wanting to scream obscenities to the ceiling, throw my phone out the window, and/or rip Josh's head off I am FINALLY beginning to climb out of this hole. Budget setting isn't fun but I'm starting to see how less stressful my life is about to become and I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it!!!!

So...a mini budget is set into place for now until I can meet with Josh in a couple of weeks to set up the "final" big budget....and yes we will be allotting money for scrapbooking (DUH!) lol

*deep breath* this CAN be done! Hopefully this time next year I will be COMPLETELY out of debt and actually have money in savings (*gasp* novel thought for me). First and foremost I am SO grateful that I have my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ beside me every step of the way because I can just place all of this in His hands and with His help (and Josh's) my finances will soon be in order.

So yeah...bottom line...the beauty of having my finances in order is I can start buying SB supplies again!! WOOOOO!!!! lol

until then....I will be putting on my boots throwing my ropes up to God and having him pull me out of this pit :-)


melissa said...

good luck with everything, finances are never an easy battle but I am sure with the help you will be able to get through it :)

Nicole said...

ugh, Felicia...debt sucks, lol!

hang in there'll be ok, i just know it!

Michelle said...

Good luck girlie!

I hate finances and budgets and debt!