Thursday, September 27, 2007

I really need to work on more *original* titles.. a song I'm ADDICTED to right now is Sway by Pussycat Dolls...I usually don't listen to their music but thanks to Michelle's playlist I heard it while visiting her blog and LOVE IT! lol just the girls voice is incredible!! and the song just rocks anyway!

soooo I miss Photoshop!!! AHHHH when I debugged my computer or whatever it erased it and I can't play on it anymore!!!!!!!!!! My life is over *sigh* and I already used up my 30 trial of PSE 5.0 so that's not an option. I have GOT to remember to grab it the next time I go home..which... speaking of...

HOME...not gonna be there for awhile :-\ Although I will be going with my friend to Pcola just an hour away from home on the 12th of October. Gotta do research for my evolution paper for Human Rights and what better place to do it than Creation Science Evanglism!! DUH!! lol

and that means.....

I GET TO SEE JOSH!!! yayness :-) I miss him like woah :-( I can't WAIT to move so I can be near him! No we're not dating lol he's just my bestest friend in the entire world!!!!! I love him like lie.

So with this post I'm PROCRASTINATING as always doing my school stuff...I'm SO over it! Get me out of here!! lol

Alright alright stuff time :-\ My brain may be reading but my heart will always be on blogging, peaing, and scrapping LOL

felicia signing off...

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