Saturday, May 12, 2007

*tear* was the funeral for Josh's grandmother. He sang at it and it was GORGEOUS as always...surprisingly I didn't cry.
Ah was so good seeing him again but my heart breaks for him because of all the stuff he's going through right now.
My love for him grows everday and I'll be honest it's frustrating because sometimes I'm confused of what kind of love it is.
All I know...when I left him today I felt like a part of me is missing.
But on a brighter some new pics of us today!!!! Definitly will post once I get back in Tally!!!


xobellaaimox said...

aww dear. i love you. call me if you wanna talk.

Michelle said...

You may be confused about what kind of love it is right now.. but you may see it quite clearly later down the track..

Hope you're doing well and have a great day sweetie!