Tuesday, October 30, 2007

*My Christmas List*

It's that time of year again!! Time to make the Christmas list for all the fam so I don't end up with weird oversized shirts or random misc things I'll never use in my life lol

Since I'm *GRADUATING* this year (WOOOOO!!!) alot of the things on my list are things I'll need for my apartment! :-) I have ZERO kitchen stuff hence why that's the main things I asked for lol

So I LOVE Pampered Chef! omg it is just AMAZING stuff!!! Check it out here if you don't know about it!! So these are the things I want from Pampered Chef:
1) Classic Scraper
2) Rectangle Stone
3) Tool Turn-About
4) Large Round Stone

and also I've been dying for a sewing machine and I found the perfect one I want!!! So yay for no more handstitching for hours on my scrapbooking layouts!! Also i want to start making my own clothes and do other creative things...oooo like quilts!!!!
Anyhoo it's a Brother XL2610 and it has so many adorable stitches!!! Here it is!

And now the other stuff on my list:
-Toaster *with FOUR slots please!!*
-Pots and Pans
-Silverware -forks, knives, spoons
-Dish towels/wash rags
-Plates *you can never go wrong with a solid color like white or a very pretty pale green*
-Glasses **key word is GLASSES...I can buy plastic cups on my own***
-cooking utinsels - measuring cups and bowls, stirring spoons, spatulas, sharp knives, all those lovely misc things
-If anyone would just like to supply me with paper towels or paper plates I will more than happily accept them :-)
-If Mema can find those amazing 300 count thread sheets on sale again those would be AWESOME.. you can never go wrong with white or cream colored
-MONEY *the green stuff...oh yes..*
-NO CLOTHES WHATSOEVER!!! the only thing is PJ pants and that's IT! NONE...ZIP...ZERO... NADA!!

So yeah we'll see what all kinds of goodies I get! I'm SO excited about getting my very own place all to myself!!! It's gonna be SO much fun to decorate! lol ideas are already popping into my head!!!

Only 47 more days!!!!!!


Tina said...

I just want a new lens for my camera, but I need to work on my list of things I have to buy - I don't even want to know how many weeks we have?

toners said...

Oh, I can't think about Christmas yet....yikes! Great list though - and congrats on your upcoming graduation!

Aimeslee said...

Wow, you are ready, huh? LOL My DD is a sophomore and has a long list too. :-) Good luck, your items look nice!