Saturday, August 02, 2008

A bunch of randomness..

You know I really don't know what the deal is with me. I think I'll be good at blogging again.......then I don't post for a few weeks


I guess because since graduation my life is pretty boring now. I mean all I do is work it seems. Work. Church. Hang out with Josh.

Not alot of pics have been taken :-\ I need to start taken pics of stuff around the house!

Yes...must do!

But speaking of pics...

Family pics are today.

So I get to drive an hour one way just to take pics....what the crap??? lol oh well I do get to see my family.

Tonight I'm cooking dinner for Josh (for the record we are just FRIENDS...we are not dating in any way shape or form :-p ) and then we're shooting off fireworks!! Why??? Because we can :-)

Another random thing...

I can't believe it's been 7 months since:

I mean WOW! 7 months since I was just a college student. Time has flown so fast!

Now just some pics that make me smile:
1) Me in my happy place - amidst a pile of scrapping stuff
2) My goofy brother and me :-)
3)My awesome bestest friend in the whole wide world, Josh!!
4)At college graduation with my bro and sis...this pic defines our relationship LOL


Kate said...

You know how you always say this BOY is just your best friend...I totally DONT buy it....but cute pics none the less :)

sarah said...

first time at your blog -- but i sure love that pic of you admist the scrapping pile! haha. i have a pic just like that!