Monday, July 14, 2008

Visions, rEVOLution March, Sun Burnt, Tired

Yeah...the title basically sums up my last week! I'll just bullet it for everyone:

Monday-late Wednesday Night
-Conference in Atlanta
-Promoted to manager!!!!!
-Learned and came up with my vision statement

-Worked a little and helped a couple of clients out which always makes me feel good :-)
-Frantically got ready to go to Washington D.C. on Friday EEK!

-Ran around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready for the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Revolution March on Washington D.C. WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Got the rental vans with the help of my awesome manager!
-Left with 19 dedicated patriots to march on D.C.!!!!

***side note***
A little side note about the March:
One of the most stressful moments of my life! This arrogant jerk who is technically the "leader" of our meet-up group decided LAST MINUTE that he wanted to come to the March that Josh (who is basically vice president of the group) was in charge of organizing the WHOLE time...he knows that Josh is WAY better leader than him but it was a power struggle the whole time with me literally almost punching this guy in the face....yeah fun times. Other than that the March was great

-After driving all through the night we got to Washington D.C.
-March on Washington!!!!!!!! (see later posts for pics!!!)
-7 hours in the hot HOT sun which resulted in some sun burn, dehydration, and a few people passing out
-About 15,000 people were there to March!!! WOOO!!
-SAW RON PAUL HIMSELF!!! omg I was freakin out! lol I was about six feet away from him if even that
-Listened to alot of other speakers like Naomi Wolf (who was AWESOME) and some other speakers that at the moment I have forgotten their names :-\
-After March drove all the way back to Florida again

-After almost punching Adam (the arrogant jerk) in the face and struggling for all of us to STAY TOGETHER (really how hard is that GEES!!!) we finally made it back home in Florida
-Exhausted, sun burnt, tense from all the stress, horrible blisters on my feet and my body is like "WHAT?!?!"

So was it all worth it????

HECK YES!!!!!!!! later to come :-)

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Kate said...

Hey GIrl...I totally cant find your email so I am leaving you a message here....just wondering if you still wanted to swap a few ATCs! I was thinking like 3 or 4...maybe we could pick a theme (quotes, song lyrics, movies, colors,bible verses, patterns....I really have no idea)! Let me know what YOU want to do!!