Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm *totally* back!

Ok...for real...I've been gone for a GAZILLION years from the SB world and blogging!! But is hopefully settling down and I'm GOING to get back to blogging!

So updates of the past year??? alot of growth...
Just moved to a new apartment with a new roomie whom I LOVE! Perhaps I have finally found a new female friend (finally!). I'll have to post pics soon of my new place! Oh and she has the CUTEST little Pug in the world named Marley...I heart him :-)

So yeah...once my scrapbook stuff is all settled and all I'll hopefully do my first SB layout in about a year *gasp* wow that's blasphemous! A YEAR!??!?!?!

I've also started really working out a few weeks ago and started Weight Watchers hopefully I'll finally get back in to shape and lose all this weight!!

Bottom line....a LOT of life changes lately but they're all for the good :-)

Hope to get to know some of you bloggers out there!

P.S. sorry this is so random!! My mind is going a million miles an hour right now! lol

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