Saturday, September 09, 2006

September Exhausts Challenge, SB buys, and other random things

OK, so on 2Peas I've joined the "exhaust your stash" challenge. In this we don't buy scrapping supplies for all of september (or technically you can, but layouts used with the new stuff doesn't count...but the point is to use what you already have!!!). Hopefully this will get me motivated to do my LOs ESPECIALLY start on my Germany scrapbook!!!! SOOO many pictures to get done!!!!! whoever makes the most LOs gets a prize at the end of the month! My friend, Amy, won for August and I'm SO jealous of everything she got!!! :-p LOL so hopefully I can beat her this month!! HA HA....(love you girl!!!!)
But bottom line: I've been stuck in a rut for the past few months on being creative so hopefully this will be good motivation!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note, I've subscribed to the Jenni Bowlin monthly kit! So hopefully I'll be getting that soon!!!! It looks SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! I also bought a cute tote bag that says "Croppin Angels" and it's got 3 girls on it posed as Charlie's Angels but with scissors, glue, and paper (or something like that LOL). It's SOOO cute and I can't WAIT to get it next week!!!! I'll post pics up when I get it! YAYNESS!!!

So last week FSU beat MIAMI!!! YEAHHHH!!! It was SOO much fun! I wasn't at the game because it was in Miami but being with fellow students and fans was just as fun! After we won there was a huge group that all went out to the parking lot and we were screaming, cheering, singing the fight song, doing the war chant...

I heart FSU alot

we also beat Troy State today! YAY! So far we're undefeated!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Noles totally rock my socks :-)

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