Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clemson vs. FSU

Well this weekend was the Clemson vs. FSU football game...otherwise known as the Bowden Bowl because FSU's head coach, BOBBY BOWDEN (the best coach evvveerrrr) has a son who is the coach at Clemson. So this is a pretty big game soley for that reason. This was also my 1st home game of the season so I was SOOO excited!!! I'm not gonna Noles rock my socks :-) Going to football games is just another reason why i LOVE this school!!!! FSU is just awesome. The game was going pretty bad until the 2nd half, then it got REALLY good!!!!! Unfortunatley not good enough :-( we lost in the last 8 SECONDS of the game!!!!!! Our 1st loss of the season *tear*
but other than that I had a great time. I had 5th row seats in the student section, but me and my friend, Bethany, were able to end up on the SECOND ROW!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! My entire family was at the game along with 2 of my friends (sitting in other places though) so it was good to see all of them...but they called me and said that I was on the "fan cam" during the game LOL which means I was on the big screen at the game yelling my butt off for my Noles!!!!!! :-) LOL so that was fun!
Although we lost, it was good seeing my friends and watching my Noles!!!! Here are some pics:

Me and Bethany at the stadium!!


Kickoff!! With Chief Osceola and Renegade RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!

yeah this is how close we were!!!!

cheering on our Noles!!!

yeah...we definitly learned to NOT have a random drunk person take our pic :-( but you at least get the idea of how close we were!!!!

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