Friday, August 18, 2006

Fairy Tales?? I don't think so

Ok so a few weeks ago I talked about how I thought I was falling in love with my best friend...well that has changed. I have a new guy in my life (and he DOESN'T live 600 miles away thank God!) I met him at work. It's one of those things where from the beginning we hit it off GREAT. He makes me laugh and we have SO much fun together. It just feels right, ya know? Also he treats me like a QUEEN! I have NEVER been treated as well as he treats me. There isn't a minute that goes by when we're together or even talking on the phone that he doesn't compliment me in some way...and he ALWAYS tells me how gorgeous I am even after I've worked for 16 hours and am looking like I have been run over by a truck :-\ LOL
So it sounds like life's goin great, right??? Well...WRONG. Although we are SO happy together and I finally feel like I've found someone who I could see myself falling in love with, it naturally is not that easy. He met my parents a couple of weeks ago and even though they said they were REALLY impressed with him there was just one problem......he's mixed-black and white.
Now first and foremost, my parents are not racist. It's one of those things like "we're happy for you, just not for my daughter." Yes I knew he was mixed, and although I am NOT attracted to black men, he looks white...and on top of that he treats me AMAZINGLY well.
So basically although my parents and I have no had a HUGE fight about it they know I disagree with them. I've been in a relationship before where I did not have my parents blessings AT ALL and believe me I don't wanna go through that again. So this time we've just talked it out which is a nice change. It's good to sit down with my parents and have an "adult" conversation with them. My dad has told me that he is struggling with this alot....but still they have a HUGE problem with letting me date him.
Yes, Lee and I are very serious and we're basically bf and gf now. To make things easier on my parents I've told them that we're just friends but they know that we like each other alot. It's just really hard because I don't want to go behind my parents back but I can't help but disagree with them. How is it that I have been raised by them but on so many things I disagree with them on? I feel horrible because it's not like I'm doing it on purpose just for the sake of rebelling.

I just want my fairy tale ending, but it's discouraging because although I feel like I have found my Prince Charming, without my parent's blessings it just won't feel like a fairy tale.

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xobellaaimox said...

i hope scratch that KNOW that everything will work out for you!! :)