Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm back!

Well hello blogging world!!! It's been THREE months since my last post! Good grief!! Can't believe it's been that long!

Since so much has happened since my last post I'll just bullet point everything:

-Moved in to my house (LOVE!) and it's in the process of being decorated. Pics to come soon!!
-Work has been going well, God has been so good. Received four awards so far! Praise the Lord!
-Going to my second conference for work on Monday in Atlanta. Pretty excited because it's kinda like some time off from work lol
-Ron Paul rEVOLution March next weekend! OMG I'm so flippin excited! About 15 of us are driving up on Friday afternoon, driving all the way to D.C., March (See Dr. Ron Paul WOO HOO!), then turn around and come back. It's going to be draining but can't wait to make history!!

Yeah the reason i haven't been blogging is I've just now been able to get internet at my house so hopefully I'll be blogging more as well as scrapping! I've missed it so much but decorating my house has been a blast! Can't wait to post some pics!

Now to go browse around some of my favorite blogs!!


Norma Kennedy said...

Congrats on ur move and getting internet .... I cant even go with out mine for more than a day and Im going crazy. Enjoy ur 4th !

Norma from 2 Peas

Pearl Maple said...

Congrats on the big move and have fun with the decorating. Creative people often make the most amazing nest for themselves. Have fun!

Followed your link from 2 peas today and really enjoyed a peek into your creative posts.