Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So today I got the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame 2006 issue. I am IN LOVE!!!! It's absolutley AMAZING! My brain is on creative overload though LOL these ladies are just SO talented!!!
My favorite is definitly Brittany Laakkonen. She totally inspires me I think because alot of her pics are portraits which are my FAVORITE to do!!! Also she's freakin 16 years old!!! I've always thought I'm not that good because of my age, but now I definitly think differently!!!!
Anyway...after seeing all of this talent in one place I got inspired to do an "artistic" portrait photo of myself using Photoshop. I was quite pleased with it :-) can't wait to get some ink for my printer so I can print it out and do a LO with it!!!!!
Well...other than that I spent $50 on SB supplies online today LOL so I'm EXCITED when they come in!!!!!!!!! :-)'s the pic:


Jen said...

Hi! Just read your updated post on 2 Peas regarding the LSS from hell.

They would have been lucky to have you. She sounds like a few people I have encountered in my life that are on power trips. I know from experience that it hurts to be rejected, especially when you are over qualified...Hold your head high, and walk away. You handled the confrontation VERY well. Way to go.

Sorry to post, as you don't know me, but your story hit close to home, and I wanted say a few things.


Anonymous said...

I read that thread too and was aghast at the attitude of the store staff and owner. Well done to you for handling it the way you did.